Innate Health

Understanding nature through advanced technology is very difficult. Through our well known human body, we can understand nature easily. If our living life stands along with Nature we have a healthy life, and nature’s innate health stands with us.

 Is there anyone in this world who does not like good health and happiness. All of us in the world wish to live healthy without diseases. But they do not know what real health is, and so they remain disturbed. If good health, peace of mind, and happiness are possible in all of our lives, then it is important to keep our body and mind well.

 If we turn inwards and see our life, a change takes place in our opinion regarding nature. It makes us understand our body and in turn, gives a new knowledge of innate power.

It makes our body and innate energy (power) to combine and act equally it increases the immune power in our body and leads to innate healthiness.

The quality of curing and maintaining the human body, (or the healing power of the human body) exists naturally within us. If we deviate from nature our innate healing power decreases, which in turn results in disease and illness. It is very important to understand the nature of our bodies.

Innate health medicine is a type of heritage medicinal method. In this method, innate treatment, varmakundalini treatment, botanical treatment, all these promote the body’s natural activities, in turn, increases the immune power.

This type of medicine stands between the human body’s nature and external nature.

 This book has been written based on Indian health medicine specifically research that has been researched for years. This book teaches us how to live a healthy life. Detailed studies have been done on various subjects like medicine, literature, psychology, and nature-based life study, and thus this book leads us to live with innate health.

 Its main subject gave awareness to Body-Mind-Soul and takes us to the next stage of life.

Innate natural medicine leads our bodies to an equilibrium state which in turn increases the natural ability and paves the way to live a healthy life. It heals the illness in our body, eliminates toxins caused by diseases, and in turn promotes the body’s natural innate activities. This part of the study resulted in a search for science without instruments.

 This type of medicine makes us understand our human body’s physiology and various systems inside the body. Through this, it has been protecting our body which is a direct part of nature.

 Through this understanding of our mind and body, there takes place drastic change in the external point of view and thus makes us be human beings perfect. To make our future generation to be healthy, it is possible only by real innate health medical department.

 If the natural innate chain breaks, human society can’t exist. Prevention is better than our life and lets us live.

 For high ambition, we have taken the form of the human being to conquer. To find natural (innate) abilities or activities in all organisms, and accepting them is known as innate health. If it should gain victory or success, we should know first about our body’s innate power. This book teaches us to live with innate health and have to design our life.