Innate awakening Psychotherapy works with each individual within a holistic context. This allows clients to gain insight into life through establishing a greater understanding of how they create psychological experience. aaa works with the understanding that no one is broken therefore there is nothing to be fixed & a clear state of mind, innate health and wisdom lie within everyone.

  When we create Consciousness Awareness, we begin to see clearly the limiting and sabotaging behaviors that perpetuate our undesirable life experiences and teaches us how to become witness to one’s innate path to create a successful, fulfilling lifestyle supportive of this path. aaa transforms one “to find the original shape of man, the image of God”. aaa is aimed at improving personal well-being and personal development, for inner experience & the individual aspect.

The innate awaking is to release such illusory and limited concepts, identifications, and fixations and then create space to effect a reconnection with their innate intelligent transconceptual evolutionary power. When a very little infant this connection may be intact and dominant, but it is not conscious. The infant spontaneously and subjectively explores the universe naturally in pure boringness and presence But then the veil of ignorance based on the dualistic separateness of disconnection is taught to him unknowingly, in place of acknowledging knowledge the inner, the energetic, and multidimensional correspondences which exist simultaneously within the physical body, energy body, mental body, nature and the universe. However this yoga teaching acknowledges these inner and outer correspondences rather than distracts one away from them. Being distracted is a severe impediment which dissociates the human being from the source of life and hence life is not acknowledged, honored or respected by such distracted beings whose connection points have become dulled and blunted by institutionalized ignorance. Authentic yoga is designed to bring the conscious mind in synergistic harmony with the natural evolutionary power and primordial awareness.


Hence the rigidity and repression of the natural movements becomes only a temporary malaise. Once the kundalini is allowed to roam freely again the body and energetic patterns will subconsciously stretch, activate, and reconnect but this time the conscious mind one will act as an observer of the activity of the innate intelligence as well as its appendage/servant. This is the true meaning of what is meant by surrender (isvara pranidhana). This is not to say that the mind is the servant of the physical body, but rather to the implicate source which the physical embodiment is a result. This is called meeting cause through its effect.


Most human beings in Western societies have become repressed, shut down, and dissociated at an early age by left brain dominant negative conditioning, so that the intuitive spontaneous activity is mostly feared, abandoned, and remains repressed and dormant. In fact it opposes the ego; or rather the ego opposes it. One could thus say that the intuitive evolutionary energy has gone to sleep, has become diminished, or deadened in such people, but a hatha yogi attempts to give their bodymind and tongue a free range of movement — now.


Many studies and experiments show that the energy of the nervous system can consciously benefit from these activities preventing them from shutting down. The awareness of the energy state and functioning of the various neuro-physiological activities can also be consciously activated, extended and integrated. Mostly in the West we are not trained on this inner process, so it is either relegated to the unconscious or sometimes even scorned as animalistic. Rather this evolutionary power in nature lies dormant in human beings as part of nature. So as the yogi stimulates the kundalini by cleaning out and strengthening the nadis, and activating previously dormant circuitry one’s conscious power also increases alongside this process. In Upanishadic, terms as the kundalini Shakti increases, so too does the cit-shakti. Classically this is the mutually synergistic relationship between Sat and Cit, form and void, nature and mind, differentiated and undifferentiated reality, the true nature of phenomena and the true nature of mind, THA and A, Moon and Sun, Yin and Yang.


Through unbiased watching of the reflexive process of nature – through observation of the true nature of phenomena as-it-is devoid of conceptualization processes. then the true nature of our own mind is simultaneously revealed – one revealing the other instantaneously as primordial awareness and clarity free from the limitations of the three times of past, future, or existential time and existential space.


For more details INNATE AWAKENING book is available with aaa center.