All living organisms in this world have sense.

This sense varies on how they use. The variation of sense depends on how they use it. All living things like to live without problems. For that they act, if need, they fight also.

Eagerness to know everything is common nature for all.  Depending on the matters they know, using that knowledge, increase life’s standard, also through intelligence, knowledge extent (or) level of knowledge is assessed.

We have come to this world along with Innate sense.  This basic sense resides initially within us.  Remembering our Innate, sense is enough to change our life beautiful. Not understanding the Innate subject, all other things remains only as an external coating. Till now, we learnt everything from others. Hereafter, we have to come out from the known sense or acquired sense, and let us find our Innate sense.

Extra ordinary sense means God. All living organisms possess sense!. From single sense (first sense) to sixth sense, humans all have sense, yoy may think go! Although all living organisms possess sense, the topmost state of sense is god. If our sense, liberates from the acquired knowledge, and undergoes progress, turns into extra ordinary sense.  Greater than first sense is second sense. The second sense progress or develops into third sense. If it undergoes progressive growth stage by state, finally expansion of sense results in open atmosphere that is our god.

Hence if we separate our mind from each sense, and taking to sukuma state, it gets freedom from acquired knowledge, and finally fully sukuma state, it realizes Aanma (Soul) This is what we say, self realization, those who realize themselves, can’t get trouble i.e., No Problems, this is, utmost happiness.

Self realizing knowledge only turns as Innate sense. Man forgets this sense, and living in this world.  We use our sense, knowledge to develop our life and we spend our life time as such.

We born with Innate sense, but we forget this sense, and what is the use of living with external sense/mind. What is the use of human birth?

Our emotions covers the Innate sense the speed of our heart/manasu will be high, when we don’t think about consequences, along with Nature if we are under emotion or more sensitive without control. If we wait for sometime with patience, not getting emotion, our mind will work. The speed of heart decreases. When it continues to decrease gradually registrations in the atmosphere will make our inner mind and sense to get refresh and starts to work. For this, self education/self knowledge important. Through real sense, gradual development occurs, in turn it progresses and make us to discover Innate sense.

In this, self education make us to learn self study through step by step pathway.  Self sense, self conscious, self realization, self education, all these are projected and made to expand. From this knowledge, sutmam only will rise us That only will give happiness.  Leaving this and trying to find all other senses make our heart get tired and the humans pass away their lifetime as such.

Natural or Innate sense, is very essential to get freedom from known or acquired sense. With the help of Innate sense, if we find our future occurrences, regard to that we can plan and act.  But, in everything we need patience and slef obedience. I, my life these desires, we should throw away. We must get freedom from acquired knowledge, using self sense, through evolutionary change, we have to develop, get prosper and acquired Innate sense.

This book contains basic subjects or objectives which includes self study, trying to change our Energy residing within us.

Freedom from known sense is discovering way, there is no prediction, what we does not know or what we need to find is a pre-judice only.  This above teaches what is Not true, and what is real truth, Investigation properly doing alone is the way to find the truth in our eternal life.

Innate sense gives limitless energy. This sense makes him to stabilize within himself.  He feels happiness within himself.

He feels satisfaction within himself, those things which cannot be seen by eyes like Vyir Manam, Instinct Nature all are beyond knowledge/sense./p>

Innate sense means complete sense. This will  happen only after realizing ourself.  Ourself means not body or not mind.  Naan (i.e.) I means uyir.  This stands without experience. We must make it as Experience. This has been told by all saints.

All the  things in this universe contains spiritual nature which means Every mighty lord or paramporul resides in all living organisms like the oil within sesame seeds and we must recongnize him with our self knowledge.  Yu are the almightily soul. Without margins, without limits, undisturbed “I” the pracher, divine form and the knowledge / sense which recognizes it, stands as the sense of Body.  Getting freedom from the sense of “I”, mukthi will be given only by that self realization, True conscious or real self knowledge is realizing the true sorupam. Let us find using our external science of knowledge. We have to cross away our discovered / known science and we must recognize Athma and Paramathma. It has been proved that we can realize that with the activation of self knowledge. Using our Inner self knowledge, we have to realize our Innate Nature, and that is the only way to get freedom or liberation from known science, Investigation leads to make us to adhere or make us to love on highest / superior thing.

In our human body system also there are many crores of organic or living substances present. Like this way Uyir/ live soul prevents that substance to penetrate into basic level, and in turn takes to again a higher revolutionary state of change. In that substance what acts as Uyir / live soul is Arivu only.  (Knowledge of sense). What we tell as Uyir is Mind only. This knowledge of sense travelled so many years of evolutionary change resulting in human system as Uyir. The theory in which sense recognizes itself is evolutionary maturation and it is it the liberation from known science.

Today, human using  science knowledge he wants to lead a full term life and he tries to do using sense. But whatever thing he do to find a remedy using science results only in drawback. Instead, if we approach life and problems of life with Gnanam, we get proper results / remedies getting free from known scientific knowledge must be our ambition of life.

One who discovers has been bonded with Arivu.  In a stage, that there has been nothing to find, we have to forget whatever we have learnt from Arivu, complete mortalization, that invisible power itself stands against all, and human finally finds the Innate science.

Arivu finds its Innate nature and thus it frees itself from discovered knowledge, and this matured state we must always keep in our mind.  If we find about self, naturally it leads to progress of Innate sense.

Simply we should not live this life, using our knowledge, we liberate frown known sense, and we can judge about our self. It gives him, self thinking with Innate sense.

We have to categorize, evaluate whatever we found using our knowledge, then we have to free ourself from external science and we must realize our self-knowledge. (Self realization)

Freedom from known sense / Arivu means realizing ourself with Innate  I Rajij] Arivu.

Liberation frown discovered Arivu, makes ourslef to enlight leading to blockage of external atmosphere, and glows the light of Innate Arivu.