Deeksha is a type of energy transference that helps reduce anxiety, It also awakens the inner self, and unlocks unresolved emotions in one’s unconscious mind.

 The Deeksha, also known as Oneness Deeksha, is the transference of divine grace to an individual. It is an intelligent and subtle energy vibration coming from the Source of All Life.

 According to the primary purpose of the Deeksha as a supernatural phenomenon is induce enlightenment or mukti. It is a mystical tool for a total transformation of consciousness.

 A movement of the awareness of self for the consciousness of unity, of separation for connection, of conflict for peace, of the division for integration.

 All people can enjoy this experience to conquer life with more joy, purpose, healing, and transformation

 Regardless of origin, belief or lifestyle, all people can enjoy this experience to conquer life with more joy, purpose, healing, and transformation. Deeksha is not bound by any philosophy or ideology.


Transmission of Deeksha

The most common form of Deeksha transmission is by the laying on of the hands of a Deeksha Giver on the Ajna chakra (Third-Eye).

 Deeksha manifests itself in diverse ways in different individuals, depending on what the person needs most.

 In The aaa center transmits his spiritual energy to awakens a meditator’s dormant Kundalini (Innate) Energy. This is called initation (Deeksha). Innate awakens one’s  will-power and his touch, mantra, or glance are methods used to transfer his spiritual energy to an aspirant.

 Some of the most common benefits reported are:

  • Accelerates the process of human development, bringing self-awareness and expansion of consciousness • It increases the level of awareness allowing to discover the extraordinary in daily life. • Awakens compassion • Reduces anxiety • It leads to a state of meditation and immediate presence • Provides a sense of pleasure, joy and inner peace • Increase the connection with the Higher Self and the Divine Self (our true essence) • Removes emotional blocks and burdens • Brings harmony and love to relationships • It dissolves unresolved emotions in the unconscious that generate a negative reality. • Release of traumas • Miracle physical healings.


Initiation For Deeksha Giver

After a two-day course, with O & O Academy teachings, the individual is eligible to be a Deeksha Giver. This course brings to the individual the internal transformations necessary for the emergence of a new state of consciousness.

 Also, it will allow a deep inner experience that makes him understand what it is to live in fullness, acceptance, and integrity.


Three Attitudes that Intensify the Power of Deeksha

  • Being in a state of detachment and deep relaxation • Keep the heart in a state of gratitude • Have a clear intention of what you want to receive

 The Scientific Explanation

Deeksha makes a neurobiological alteration in the brain proven by science. Deeksha activates the frontal and parietal lobes, triggering the area of the brain responsible for the sense of empathy, connection, and inner silence.

 It has a progressive action, remodeling and rebalancing the neuroendocrine activity, raising the levels of oxytocin and serotonin (well-being hormones), and decreasing levels of cortisol and other neurotransmitters of chronic stress.

 The Deeksha forms new brain synapses, leading to a change in the perception of the facts of life, in the emotions and in the acting.

What the Deeksha Phenomenon causes you

Deeksha leads the individual to access a spiritual and transcendental dimension, that is often activated during deep meditation. The access to the dimension called Supreme Consciousness, or Grace, Presence, or Supreme Self is in itself, an experience that transcends logic and limitations.

 Over time, this enormous inner power comes into manifestation in many ways. Some have thought it as an expanded and encompassing sacred space, as an infinite light, power, or as an internal guideline.

 For others, the experience is very personal: as if they were in the presence of a very compassionate and benevolent father or mother with whom they can relate and receive answers. Sri Bhagavan says: “The divine is dependent on the observer.”

 Deeksha will manifest in each individual depending on what the person most needs.

 When you receive the Oneness Blessing or Deeksha, you start to awaken to that sacred dimension in your consciousness. Each person has very personal experience of this Supreme Self.

 In ancient initiation traditions, usually awakened teachers transferred wisdom and states of consciousness to their disciples after years of preparation. As water flows from higher levels to lower levels, grace also flows from a higher point of awareness to lower consciousness.

 In the same way, through the Oneness Blessing, grace transfers from the Blessing Giver to the recipient.

 This initiates a neurobiological transformation, and as a result, the brain and consciousness open to realization in God.

 Is Oneness Deeksha Right for you