Our Superconsciousness understanding of Innate Meditation Therapy comes to us through the Thuriatheetham states being implemented to relax the body and mind, that has immense benefit standing on their own, but in the context of Innate meditation, we need to understand that the relaxation process alone will not bring about this state. The state of Innate Meditation Practice is the highest state attainable for a yogin. In various Agathiyar, Druvar yoga texts, the term Meditation is used as a synonym for the state of Samadhi.


“Innate Meditation Therapy is grounded in the direct experience of the sages of the aaa Tradition, including Agathiyar, and Druvar, and embodies yoga’s essential wisdom on the path of meditation. So far in the west, partial techniques have been introduced as independent systems of meditation. This tendency compromises the efficacy of such meditative techniques, and meditators are left with limited results. Innate Meditation Therapy is not just a technique, but rather is a complete system to reclaim our inner radiance and train our mind to remain clear, focused, firm, productive, and joyful in all circumstances and situations in life”


The Innate Meditation Therapy® Master Course is the official companion to Innate Meditation Therapy book, and is designed to help you comprehensively experience the wisdom and practices described therein. In this intensive program, we’ll go through Innate Meditation Therapy step-by-step, and break down all the preparatory practices as well as the main body of Innate Meditation Therapy so you can learn each step systematically.

You’ll receive guidance on the subtle points of Innate Meditation Therapy, which require the direct guidance of a teacher proficient in this practice. This course is designed for students of all proficiencies, from those just beginning on the path of yoga or meditation, to experienced practitioners and yoga teachers.


Learn the entire system of Innate Meditation Therapy step-by-step through in-depth lectures and practicums, with a focus on understanding and gaining experiential proficiency in a precise set of meditative techniques designed to unite mind and breath, and turn them inward.
• Build a solid foundation for your practice by mastering all of the preparatory skills required for Innate Meditation Therapy, including:
o Finding a comfortable and steady sitting posture
o Diaphragmatic breath training
o Systematic relaxation techniques
• Building up to the complete practice of Innate Meditation Therapy by systematically learning:
o The 4-step main body of Innate Meditation Therapy
• Understanding the role of prana and pranic-awareness in Innate Meditation Therapy, including both theory and practice. We’ll explore these concepts in context to asana, relaxation and meditative pranayamas.
• Overview of the yogic lifestyle that is the foundation of Innate Meditation Therapy
• Overview of the spiritual origins of Innate Meditation Therapy and its wisdom tradition
• Nearly every session will include practicums and guided practice, to help you have a living experience of each technique that is part of the Innate Meditation Therapy system.
• Receive complimentary access to the Innate Meditation Therapy Digital Companion course, which has 6 hours of bonus content from HI Faculty, including downloadable audio practices for all the techniques we’ll cover.


(Subject to change)

Session–1: The Scope of Innate Meditation Therapy
• Session–2: Cultivating Healthy Breathing
• Session–3: Experiencing Pranic Awareness
• Session–4: Finding Your Seat
• Session–5: Purifying the Energy Channels and Eliminating the Pause
• Session–6: Adopting a Yogic Lifestyle
• Session–7: Bringing the Mind Back to Its Home Base
• Session–8: Cultivating Inner Balance
• Session–9: Discovering Our Inner Space
• Session–10: Innate Meditation Therapy: The Zero Point and 4 Points of Experience
• Session–11: The Complete Practice of Innate Meditation Therapy
• Session–12: Optimizing our Practice of Innate Meditation Therapy

What happens during an Innate Meditation Therapy Session?

The Innate Meditation Therapy process is about going back to the source of the reaction, re-visiting the event from a different standpoint, and neutralizing the ‘charge’ held there. This can lead to profound states of peace and stillness, a cognizing of your higher Self, beyond the ordinary mind.

History of Innate Meditation Therapy

Aaa center developed The Innate Meditation Therapy higher states of consciousness Techniques with a team of doctors, psychologists, homeopaths, naturopaths and other health practitioners, over a period of 10 years.

Innate Meditation Therapy is a practice – based form of regression therapy that has been developed by Mani Gandhi, MD, founder of the aaa center of Meditation and Spirituality. In ancient times, meditation by itself was a powerful tool for transformation, but the world has moved on, is faster paced, with much greater levels of mental stimulation, and we are all feeling more neurotic! Meditation alone is not enough to get beyond the chatter of the ordinary mind. This method of self – exploration has been practiced in India for over 10 years, and has been available in Europe since 2009.

Innate Meditation Therapy is a powerful technique of inner exploration. The purpose is to develop an inner vision by unveiling the sources of emotional blockages and psychological dispositions. Through Innate Meditation Therapy, the roots of conditioned behavior are explored and released, to enable us to reach clarity and spontaneity of a higher level. Innate Meditation Therapy is used to get beyond blocks in one’s energy or repeated conditioned patterns of negative behavior. Through exploring the mind and its related samskaras, patterns of behavior are traced back to their source, and their power to affect behavior is neutralized.

The Innate Meditation Therapy process is about going back to the source of the reaction, re-visiting the event from a different standpoint, and neutralizing the ‘charge’ held there. This can lead to profound states of peace and stillness, a cognizing of your higher Self, beyond the ordinary mind.

The technique of Innate Meditation Therapy, is based on three main principles: Innate Wisdom, Innate health and Innate service.

Experience yourself beyond innate experience.