Book Review

Book Title:Toward Innate
Author:U.S.Mani gandhi
Word/Page Count:23 pages
Formats Available: Paperback, Hardback, eBook, etc.

Synopsis:As humans, we have deviated from our natural, inborn ways. We have gotten too smart, too efficient, and too creative for our own good. We are the only species that lives incongruent with our genetic design. We do not eat the foods we were designed to eat, we do not move as much as we are required to move, we live with more stress than our bodies were meant to endure, and we interact with our environment in unnatural ways. The end result is sickness, fatigue, depression, lack of purpose, and internal and external turmoil. It is not supposed to be that way!

It‘s time to get back to basics. It’s time to start respecting our innate intelligence, and give it a chance to function the way it was designed to function. Adopting a more natural lifestyle will lead you to a more natural human state…one that includes more happiness, more energy, increased vitality, an improved outlook on life, and a greater sense of purpose. We, like all other living things, need to rely our towards innate to help lead us to the healthy life we were intended to live.