Book Review

Book Title:Soul Innate
Author:U.S.Mani gandhi
Word/Page Count: 23 pages
Formats Available: Paperback, Hardback, eBook, etc.

Synopsis: This book is a signpost for guides us in our journey towards soul innate state.

After several births our soul far taken this human birth. In this rare human birth we have the ability to think. Yet we wish without only through for innate state. Our soul innate is totally concealed by maya from our view and makes in impossible to realize it. In the journey of the soul we are able to find the path within us.

There is boundless energy in nature. It reveals itself according to one’s ability. Only those who understand its movement can protect themselves and the country.

The view that in perfect and higher levels of yoga cannot be achieved without resorting to ‘ sanyas’ or remuneration is not confirming to nature. It is possible to reach the higher levels of atma or self consistently remaining in householders life.