Your innate Inner Being is peaceful. If you are not experiencing peace, there is a barrier between us and our peaceful Inner Presence, based on belief in separation. What is needed to return to peace and Love is to let your true Self transform the thoughts that formed the barrier. The barrier was created when you accepted the idea that you could be different from your true Self. The barrier disappears when you are willing to let your True Self be in charge of all your thoughts.

Every experience in your life is simply a reflection of your thoughts. Your life is transformed when you realize that what you perceive in the outer world is in fact an effect of your thoughts. Your thoughts are not the result of what you experienced. What you experience is based on what you believe. Knowing this gives you back the control you always felt belonged to you but which seemed to be out of reach and seemingly unchangeable.

You can choose your thoughts. You are the one who thinks them. When you accept this, you shine a bright light on your pathway Home — to fully knowing you are Love and one with the Love in All. Change becomes possible. As you let your true Self shine a Light on these false beliefs, peace returns and you receive clarity and a deep sense of wellbeing. Thought by thought, you begin changing your experience.

Thought by thought, you let go of your sense of being separate and alone. You identify with being one with all Love. The Light of your True Self begins to shine through the fear, guilt and anger to uncover your true Identity.

The purpose of this Innate  Awakening Program is to provide a loving, supportive, nonjudgmental environment to nurture your spiritual growth.

During the eight weeks of the Innate Awakening Program, you will learn how to receive Inner Guidance more clearly and how to apply what you are learning in your daily life experience.

The program setting will help you uncover your own innate Wisdom in a nurturing environment of safety and trust. This environment makes it easy to release limiting concepts you no longer need.

With the loving support of a trained counselor in a one on one or group setting, you can let down your defenses, your shields, even your denials as you realize you are not alone. As you do this, you can allow yourself to experience the unconditional Love, joy and inner peace, which is your true Nature.

Through empowering experiential processes, the Innate Awakening Program helps you grow and expand your awareness of your true Spiritual Nature with support and shared insight. There are many activities to help you connect feelings with ideas so you can make the ideas work in your life.

The topics of the 8 sessions are:

  • Lesson 01 – Pray for the Soul – ஆத்ம பிரார்த்தனை
  • Lesson 02 – Muttirai – முத்திரைகள்
  • Lesson 03 – The sounds of nature character – இயற்கை எழுத்து ஒலிகள்
  • Lesson 04 – Soul prayer shape – ஆத்ம பிரார்த்தனை வடிவம்
  • Lesson 05 – Nature worship – இயற்கை ஆராதனை
  • Lesson 06 – Abstract power of nature – இயற்கை சூக்கும சக்தி
  • Lesson 07 – Inner bliss – உள்ளானந்தம்
  • Lesson 08 – Intuitive – .இயல்புணர்வு