aaa center


Our mission is to:

Awakening innate value,

Creating natural innate health,

Building innate business services.

The phenomena of religion, spirituality, and mystical or transcendental experience have long been shrouded in mystery. From a scientific point of view, little is known about the biological or evolutionary implications of the religious instinct which has dominated the landscape of human life.

A scientific hypothesis and set of empirical research methods have been developed to allow even the most skeptical scientists to validate the existence and operation of Innate power within the human body. The hypothesis states that Innate power is the biological basis of religion, genius, and insanity, and can be voluntarily awakened to accelerated activity. In its awakened state, it is possible for the brain to achieve a new state of heightened activity and accelerated evolution. Finally, if this process of evolution is allowed to proceed unhindered, historically it has been possible for individuals to arrive at the next phase of human evolution.

Our innate goal is to serve the greater good and the development of humankind, in our own nature innate way, by learning and growing together in community. Healthy bodies and healthy minds are creative, patient, dynamic and harmonious. Developing our connections to Spirit, whatever your definition of Spirit, is a primary part of our mission; we are all connected.