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Paradigm Shift is an elevator ride to the heights of what is possible. Synchronize yourself with the mission for which you were placed on earth, and learn to recognize the inherent goodness and perfection in yourself, in others, and in every circumstance of your life.

What if people did not need to change even one external fact in their lives to find peace of mind? What if we were all one simple insight away from realizing that nothing and no one can make us think or feel one way or the other? What if we all come into the world with the capacity to ride the waves of life with wisdom and common sense, always buoyant even in the stormiest of times? What if there were something simple, something we have always known deep-down but sometimes forgot or failed to appreciate, that would set us free from suffering stress and distress? What if the human spirit is invincible, even when we feel dispirited? What if we always have, and cannot lose, innate resilience, the constant capacity to bounce back, no matter what? What if it is within our grasp, at any moment, to find our natural peace of mind?

Does it sound too easy, too good, to be true? I thought so, too, about 30 years ago, when I first was exposed to the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, and told that the Principles provide the logic that could allow me to be at peace, unfetter my own creativity and unleash my own insights to guide me through life. If life were that simple, I thought, why would so many of us be living in stress, anxiety and depression? Still, it did not make sense to me to continue to wallow in my own distress without at least looking to see if it were true… I had to look in the direction of the inspiration that just might set me free.



You’ve probably thought about all of the amazing things you could do “if only” things were different. And, as a result, you’ve probably felt lost and hopeless. I know, because I’ve been there. But if you learn to tap into your unlimited potential and harness your innate power, you can overcome your obstacles and achieve great things. Your higher self already knows what your purpose is and what you’re truly capable of; you just need the tools to learn how to listen to that inner wisdom.

 During my 90-day Vision Based Living course, we’ll connect by phone and online. Throughout the course, I’ll teach you how to trust yourself and your instincts. My goal is to help you change your old mode of thinking that would hold you back and fill you with doubt. With my resources and tools, you’ll find your vision, set your goals, and achieve success much more quickly than you thought possible!

We offer a potpourri of over 30 fascinating Lessons on revolution in expanding authentic innate living and personal growth courses with a broad view of the new age approaches to realized your innate potential.

 Work through the lessons at your own speed. There is no need to play catch-up. There are no prizes for being fast – the real prizes are for those who take the time to fully absorb the teachings and to integrate them into their daily lives. If you are short of time to complete a lesson then it is much better to cut down on the time for each exercise, than to only complete part of the set at the recommended exercise time or repetition.

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Lesson 01 – Health Recognition

Lesson 02 – The natural way to health

Lesson 03 – Natural therapy

Lesson 04 – Life of the innate nature

Lesson 05 – The innate power of nature

Lesson 06 – Natural sound therapy

Lesson 07 – Holistic Innate Medicine

Lesson 08 – Innate health