Innate Approach means, for postures of human body’s health, an organization has been found and it is called Innate Therapy.

Innate therapy means, an art which cures difficulties faced by living organisms. It is a department of science which has the basis of Innate Gnanam. With the basic of liveliness, the nature of unchanged liveliness, the nature of unchanged liveliness and the working of human body joined with blissful spiritual nature is the basis of this treatment.

Each day, Each Minute, each second our body is doing many wonderful activities naturally with the help of Innate energy. Each day or Every day so many crores of atoms produced. Many crores of atoms destroyed. According to the activities done by Innate energy, functions in our body are activated simultaneously. Through this functions of our body are regulated or repaired and gives Innate energy release.

Innate therapy is efficient. Innate activities residing within Innate Energy is stimulated, through which body’s health, Health mind, Discipline, Sense, Spiritual all these are co-ordinate with Nature, and thus curing diseases is thro therapy. Protecting our health from diseases, curative remedies for diseases, recovering the lost energy all important.

The foremost truth is this model innate therapy is, approaching human system scientifically and at the same time, approaching with determined vision fully. The necessary Innate power for our body to function its sole or part and a detailed descriptive knowledge about its role is efficient.  On the basis of Innate, Science, Diseases are caused due to Aathi.

The basic definition or theorem of innate therapy is five elementary ethics.  All objects in this world i.e., side elements all are made up of land, fire, water, air & atmosphere combination of these five basic elements leads to molecular formation not visible, but activities oriented mind which is a suktchuma object also constituted.

Hence body and mind constituted human system, Innate therapy existing outside of our system, both are constituted by same elements.

First of all, we have to find treatment or therapy for this Innate energy, saying that, before that 32 different medical therapies are there.  Siddha, Ayurvedha, Unani, Allopathy and more like Acupressure, Acupuncture and differences in these treatments are said and said, finally bringing under one roof called mesmerism, controlling all energies and then we have to give treatment.

These five bodies, individually doing five different medical therapies.

    1. Allopathy

This works under Annamaya Kosha. This means Allopathy Medicine depends only on Human Body here, Medical Instrument sonly seeing our body.

    1. Acupuncture

This works under Pranamaya Kosha. This means Acupuncture treatment tries to work in the name of Biological Science in terms of energy orientation. It touches main points in our body and automatically our body starts to function normally. For a Acupuncture doctor, diseases is not important, the patient only important for him, because the patient only responsible for the disease.

    1. Homeopathy

This type of medicine goes just deep into and works in Manomaya Kosham. Here dosage level of medicine is less or Low, but is concentration increases with decrease in size of drug. Power or effect is high. If concentration or Power is more means, the size will be in decreased level.

    1. Manovasiya Treatment (Hyphautism)

This touches Vigyana Maya Kosha layer and works.  It does not use anything or any drug or any medicine. It impregnates some decision within you and by it controls your mind.  Manovasiya Treatment gives you one type of inner-vision.

    1. Innate Treatment

This touches Anandamaya  Kosha Layer and works for you, Innate nature will not tell any idea or advice. But it makes you to realize properly.  Innate means pure understanding. It is a Saktshi  Bhara State. If anyone goes deep into innate state he will get a wonderful experience.

You can direct the pathways of innate treatment. If you visualize your pathway inner wards, or in turn you can find Innate treatment. In your life, Innate one itself enough, your ideology, everything will be changed through Instinct nature, you can find the changes of Nature’s rule. This is under deep, useful realization. Everything and all needs will be fulfilled through Innate and it stands as a defense treasure box.

There are four Andhakarana’s for Man. They are mind, Intelligence Ahangaram, Sidham, Based on the action, Suktchama Mind has been divided into four. Min thinks, Intelligence compares and investigate.  Ahangaram gives motivation – Siddham finishes the work. These are connected by Intelligence power.  Organs cannot feel pain and problems.  Because they are Asiddha. Due to the involvement of Andhakarana’s, we can feel the pain induced by organs.  Hence each patient can be a disease recognizer by nature.  Common man can also by keenly observing functions of organs like expiration, digestion, Disposal, pain like activities can feel to some extent.  Different types of foods, habits, time changes etc., can be observed keenly and it will be possible to feel. For this practice needed through regulation and practice,  controlling Andhakaranas is possible. This pathway gives initial state for identifying equally between practitioner and patient.

Innate treatment means the hidden activities residing in all living organisms Gnanalayers. You can understand if you observe the animals outside. Cat, dog, these creatures if they are ill, they won’t take food. Also they bite and eat Aragampul. Within few minutes, they vomit undigested toxins in their body.  How can a dog knows Arugampul. Those registered medical tips stored in their Instinct nature comes to mind and shows the path.  Through our Instinct registrations, getting rid of diseases through Innate medical method is called Innate Treatment.

In our travel towards innate life, Organizing Innate treatment directional methods, throughout our life, our Innate health regained. For all living creatures, this method, depending on their innate personal Inner vision department, living on the approach. Depending on outward and inner circumstances changes taking, are of health in Arokya State, Innate medicine helps. In this medicine well practiced. Practitioner (doctor) through his power stimulates our Inner Energy, activates, finally cures diseases is called Innate treatment.

This medicinal method is based on Varmakundalini Yoga. It is very essential for each practitioner to know at least little knowledge on yoga, kundalini yoga techniques and about chakras In the medicinal world, a surprising or amazing technique is Innate treatment.

Through Innate therapy, these powers are brought to awareness or enlightened resulting in health life. This body is made of physiological mixture or physical combination. Body’s nature is physiological but works on chemical activities / reactions. Chemical changes are made take place naturally. In our body chemicals like ACIDS, ENZYMES stabilize the glands which controls our body and hence secretions of glands are neutralized. In this Innate therapy, through herbal drugs, ductless glands and life chakras are stimulated and activated, and thus Innate Energy is maintained.

If our registered sins are removed, innate energy gets transferred to mind power and the organ thus repairs itself.

Climatic change, Traditional fUtikg;gjpT change in spin and fusion of planets in the space, transformation change, all these distractions or problems are due to power of nature. To protect from these, Nature has formed certain preventive measures.

In this Innate health, from the Interstate, it has been stimulated and hence acquires Innate sense through desire which resides within Instinct nature. In this research, those left out joint desires and mind sense were refreshed and leads us to Innate health. It makes to understand or realize creations objective and makes to realize about our self by us.

There is no use in our outside/external desire if we observe the power of Innate department in a detailed way, new health arises in our life.

Our body, mind, Respiration all works under Innate power. Our body is a machine our body which is a machine, works under the control of Innate energy state. For the formation of body also, Athma’s Innate power activities residing in Guana layers are the cause. We left out carelessly about theses. If we look with interest keenly, we can find a new dimension.

Through our own Innate state approach, it makes to realize the meaning of creation, and makes a change in life by reversing the desire about our self. This innate health, if stimulated within Inner level, in the way of desires of Instinct sense, acquires Innate energy. In this research, these left out joint desires and remembrances were renewed leading to innate health.

Objections are removed in this innate therapy through nervous system, it contacts with each cell in our body. Each one’s individual body, mind and soul are integrated.

Arising, working, growing, destroying of human body, everything works as Nature’s function. For what purpose, we have taken the form of human body, we have to find, using mental sense we have to upgrade and join with innate therapy. To lead our life, our body is essential and foremost, and that body should be maintained properly. Maintenance through Innate way only makes us to accomplish our ambition within the proper time.

If we involve to work through innate desire, our innate therapy method, directive organizations support upgraded, through this, lifelong innate health is easily achieved.