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Innate intelligence facilitates the achievement of Awareness of consciousness through full-body Consciousness awakening techniques. Did you know that you were born with a natural innate intelligence which is hardwired into you at a biogenetic level? This innate intelligence within you is very wise, it knows how to make decisions for you that are correct on all levels, and it functions like your own personal compass that guides you to your own personal true north.


It is incredibly easy to live life from your natural innate intelligence. Unfortunately very few people are really living in this way. How does this happen, that we don't live life from our own inner wisdom? It happens through what I will refer to as conditioning and this conditioning takes place in many different, often well meaning ways. Conditioning happens consciously and unconsciously when we are constantly told what to do by firstly our parents and family, then our teachers and peers. We live in a society where everyone has an opinion about what is right for us, each subculture within that having its own particular recommendation for how to have the perfect life. Conditioning also takes place very subtly, through the auric field, bringing to us many of the things we have come to assume is who we are purely because we can feel it inside us or see it manifest in some way outside of us. Yes conditioning can really fool us at such a deep level. Someone stands next to you at the supermarket that is designed very differently to you, and all of a sudden you think, feel or know something that you are completely convinced is you, when in actual fact it is who you are standing next to! Now don't be alarmed as some of this conditioning is useful, as in experiencing this amazing phenomena, we can gain immeasurable wisdom into how others work. The key is to know who you are and how you operate and then you can just let whatever isn't you pass through, without you becoming identified with it or personalizing it.

One of the main reasons we have ended up so far away from utilizing our own innate intelligence is that the mind is given all the power. We have all been taught that it is our authority and is for making decisions. This is where we get into trouble from the start. The mind is an incredible tool if used correctly, and that means using it for research, observation, implementation and conceptualization, but never for the decision itself. So how do you make decisions? Each one of us has our own specific design and within that design is our own true inner authority. Your inner authority is clearly depicted in your Human Design System body graph, which is a concise map of your innate intelligence, of who you are, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

To get a clearer understanding of how this innate intelligence works let's take a look at a plant as a simplified example of how every biological organism has its own innate intelligence. Firstly the seed carries a code that requires a specific environment to begin the germination process. The seed knows that without the correct environmental factors it will not survive. Once germinated, the growing plant's innate intelligence sends its roots down into the soil, and even if you plant most seeds the wrong way up, it will still find a way to send its roots down into the soil, anchoring itself and finding sustenance. The leaf shoot instinctively moves upward toward light and warmth, often using its seed casing like a little helmet to ease its way through the soil, out into the world. The leaf shoot then looks for the best natural light source and will turn the broadest face of its leaves toward that light source. As without that natural light no photosynthesis can take place, and without that the plant can not produce chlorophyll, which is the plant equivalent of human blood. So this very simple organism, the plant knows how to do this all by itself. It is totally inbuilt; no one needs to teach it, it doesn't need a mind to decide what to do. It actually has its own innate intelligence, its own internal wisdom and authority that knows exactly what is best for the plant, no instruction required.

Now humans are definitely more complex than plants, but we have our own innate intelligence, our own source of internal wisdom, which is extremely effective and reliable, as well as being quite simple, just as a plant does. On a biological level this innate intelligence runs our physical body. It keeps us breathing, it keeps our blood flowing. Your innate intelligence can do so many complex biological functions, modern science is still trying to figure some of them out, and if we had to consciously think about and do these many biological functions we would probably never get out of bed, as we would be exhausted, and have no time left for anything else. So if your inner wisdom can do all that, isn't it worth a try at taking your mind out of the drivers seat and letting your own innate intelligence take you to what is right and correct for you?

You are unique. You have no choice in being unique. Why on earth would you want to choose otherwise? Often it is the choices we make with our minds that actually take us away from our uniqueness, toward a homogenized, supposedly socially acceptable norm. From an early age most of us are told what to do and not do. How can your innate intelligence come alive under such circumstances? To reconnect with your own innate intelligence can take time, it is something that you will need to experiment with and learn to trust.

The process of reawakening your innate intelligence is not about improving yourself, or finding certainty, it's not about having to fix yourself or your life. So much energy can be put into these pursuits and quite often for little or no satisfactory result. What this reawakening of your inner natural wisdom is about is actually the journey of learning who you innately are, who you were born to be and then just being that. This is often easier said than done, after all it does take time to change old habits and relearn how your innate intelligence works. Once awakened, your innate wisdom can guide you into the purest perfect expression of yourself, if you surrender to it. Trying to be like someone else, no matter how successful or fantastic they are will only lead you further away from your true self. This isn't to say that there is nothing to learn. There is always something to be learnt, and you will learn what is correct for you if you follow your innate wisdom. Your innate wisdom knows with a certainty that is quite amazing, exactly what you will benefit from and what is best left alone.

aaa highlights universal and cosmic laws, explaining how the laws of the Universe can create security, stability and anchor in life. The result is conscious navigation of Life by implementing supportive behaviors and habits. Instruction includes holistic health topics, including building the immune system and nervous system through preventative holistic and innate care.

For more details INNATE HEALTH book is available with aaa center.