Awakening of the Innate energy is not an easy undertaking, nor something which should be taken lightly. This is something we at Brainwave-Sync understand well. Our innate prayer series gives you the power to gently and effectively unlock your own nature power.

This Innate prayer audio has been encoded with multiple levels of brainwave entrainment technology, each of which have been specifically designed to focus upon the necessary chakras and body points to help induce Innate Awakening.

Brainwave-Sync’s “Innate Awakening” CD is the crowning achievement in the Innate prayer series, and is your gateway to this profound and ultimate experience. [Length 20 minutes]

‘INNATE PRAYER” features three powerful audio tracks matching the special sacred properties of the profound sound. Combined with Brainwave-Sync’s custom brainwave entrainment technology ambiance. [Length: 21 minutes] this amazing sound creates an extremely deep healing prayer