Guru is the one who changes your world vision and activates you.  The process of activation is called Dheekshai.  The Hindi word Dheeksha is called as Dheekshai, Dheetai, Dheetchai and so on in Tamil Language.

Our human body is a wonderful (Pokkisham) Inside this pokkisham, there are more priceless treasures inside that only few treasures are seen via human eyes, and by science knowledge.  Many treasures are not realized through sense organs.  They cannot seen as picture or cannot be idealized.

They cannot be set as ideas.  But they are true sasvathas.  The Truth about this Universal life is hidden in those secret organs which cannot be seen.  So only, our ancestors have told, “Andathil Ullathu Pindathil Ullathu”.

In this expanded Universe, certain Natural sounds are floating.  The energy or power to attract these sounds is hidden inside our body.  If the energy is to be exhibited actively, some sounds have to be made silently in a specific rhythm.  Those rhythmic disturbances will integrate our Innate Energy centers with universal natural sounds.  At that time Irairan’s Energy will flow rigorously within us. During at that time we will get whatever we need.  Whatever we need, we want, everything will come to us.

          What is Natural sound?  How do get this?  What is the Name?  Like this, eagerness will be arised in every one of us.  Its name is known to us in days to day life.  We use this name daily and there is no- doubt in that.  Those who trust god and those who don’t believe in god, both repeatedly use the word “Mantra”.  “Mantra” is the name.  We tell Mantra to do archanas, we tell mantras to do thyanam.

Natural Sound mantras are integration of sounds.  Without sounds, there is no world, no living organisms.  Also, no body.   Whatever seen in this world, everything has come from sounds only.  Although sounds are one, as many drops join together to form huge waves in the ocean, there are also different small sounds within the Natural Sound.  They cannot be counted in numbers.  Whoever born yesterday, those born today, going to be born tomorrow, all humans, there are specific sounds for each one of them.  Like this, not only I say our Vedas, Sasthras also tell us.  Although there are thousands of rent houses, living in our own house only gives freedom, happy and comfort.  Life this, even though there are thousands of Mantras, we have to select our own specific mantra and if are tell only, our needs will be fulfilled.

Guru is the one who knows sukshamam about mantras each one of us through their, experience, they come to know about the vibrations formed by mantras-which would result in opposite/side-effects.  Certain Saints, Munivars, (Sages), Rishis, Gurus all are those who found Mantras.  They think like kavithai,like kaaviyam, they found mantras through their aptitude knowledge.  But, it is wrong.  Mantram is not a chair to be constructed.  It is also not a well which would rise as a result of hard work and co-operation of 10 people.   Mantras originated by self.  Always (spins in the ) or exists in the open universe.  Rishis and saints not only heard those Shasrasthas, they also seen through eyes.  So only, for them, Manthrathrashta name.  That means, they directly see and tell Mantras for us.  Those Mantras written on Manuscript were rare.  Guru (Parambarai) Generation comes through generation by generation, said by those mantras not written on manuscripts.

Those Gurus, who receive knowledge, or saint advice, generation by generation, are experts in recognizing and telling Mantras for each specific person.  How, for them alone they got?  There is also reason behind thinking like that?  Each person / individual has acquired three types of body. One is made of foods, body.   One is made of foods, body.  Second, made of senses, mind.  Third, made of vibrations, light.  Telling like this, may lead to confusion also.  The matter which we told third may be not understood also.

For each person, nature has given a circle of light around the body.  That light is made of different colours like white, blue, red and yellow.  Each colour designates the desires of man, also the nature or quality of Athma is recognized by the specificcolour.  For example, if a person has purple/violet colour circle of light around him, he is a personality of hard Nature / difficult Siddham.  If white and yellow colour circle of light seen means, he will be a personality of happiness / active person / enlightening person.

Only Yogis, Saints / Sages, persons who has acquired naturally Dheiveega Sakthis, these people only possess the power to recognize and tell, what type of circle of light each person has i.e., about the circle of light.

With the experience of my life, from birth to till now, I have seen a quality within me, that quality is which I am seeing a person through eye to eye contract, I would be able to realise, that concerned person’s desires exhibiting as certain colours of light around him.  Now I am able to understand with my experiences, and with help of exercises I undergone, found that the colour of light exhibited around human is nothing but AARA.  If you keenly note that Aara, you can come to a recognition whether he has Rajagunam or Shathrasthan Vasama or Thaamasamanarana, easily we can find that If we possess that predicting capability, or predicting knowledge, and Mantra Sasthra progress, we can find easily those Mantras predicted for specific individualities.

All the words in four Vedas are Mantras. Instead of searching meaning for the words in Vedas, it is right to search the sounds hidden behind the words, that power behind and this is only intelligent persons will do, our elders have told.  Apart from Veda Mantras, so many Rishis through their meditating power (Dhara Power) have found many Mantras.  Through these mantras only Mantra Sastram found.  This Mantra – three types – Devadha Mantram, Parayana Mantram, Biju Mantram.

Devadha Mantram means, consisting few lines only.  For example, Gayathri Mantram, Maha Mantram, all these we can say.  Parayana Mantram means, it consists many long sentences.  Ruthram, Vishnu Sahasranamam, Sree Suktham,  all these are examples for parayana Mantram.  Biji Mantram means, finishes with 2 or 3 letters, with sounds of power.  Without these sounds, there is no world.

Within these sounds only, the power or energy which gives boon for us is hidden inside these sounds only.  We can get (Upadhesam) knowledge from our gurus, our Bijis Mantras specific for us, after getting those specific Biji Mantras through our Guru, and recitating again and again, the vibrations from Mantras activates those hidden sakthi or power centres inside our body.  Like this, those activated Sakhti Centres when mixes with Biju Mantras, attracts easily universal Energy/ Energy of Universe.  After that whatever we think it happens.

We guarantee for your freedom or liberation, to made a stage / platform for us comforts/luxuries, here it is “Amuthakalasam” given by our Yoges.  And Ready to give Mantra Virundhu which I have learnt from Gurus.  Openly I stretch my two hands to welcome you people.  Come let us succeed our sorrows/worries.

We have to select and get training from concerned/ particular Sathguruji & to get Dheetchai.

After getting Dheetchai, we have to do Dhavam, then only we would activate our Instinct nature, our screens of acts will get destroyed, our Athma Dharisanam will be possible to get.  We can find our self, the lord who knows us also can be found and realised.  We go can attain enlightenment.  Also could get Innate Energy life and can live long without extinctnesss.

The purpose of the program is to bring your mind’s attention to your body’s presence. When you become mentally and physically centered in your body, you become more open to your naturally joyous state of being.  You enter into the “here and now”, where only Love is present.  Past and future disappear, only the eternal moment exists.

Ignore your feeling that being emotional is the price you pay, Often the pace and pressure of modern day living can be overwhelming and lead to a disconnection between the body, mind and soul. The dependency on the mind as a problem solver creates a new imbalance within. The Imbalance between the 3 areas and the disconnection with oneself could lead to an experience of unhappiness, stress, depression, emotional breakdown and a sense of feeling lost or unfulfilled.

Sacred innate – awakening is a powerful vehicle to use on this journey for emotional release, achieving greater depths of self-relation, cultivating orgasmic energy for healing traumas and awakening …  harmonizing and balancing your life. We blend these techniques with the values and goals that you bring to the table, so that a unique program just for you is created to transform your quality of life and begin to attract all the choices you’ve made for walking on this planet!

When we practice Athma Prarathanai through Instinct Nature, most of the secret techniques are re-discovered and explained clearly.  Don’t do closing eyes.

    1. Getting victory on Karma, which is “an extra-ordinary vinai”, is difficult. Act purely and experience it.  We have to be very clear. “Who – Am – I”, this clearness should exist till last life.  If you are totally clear pure, you will surely experience the Massive real truth.

    2. It makes nature’s Energy to pass through veins and makes to awaken Instinct which sleeps. It helps to find “sukuma saresam,” i.e., mivo-body, in its matured state, gets the power going there will become usual.  If final death time reaches, this Jeevan goes to Extra –Sukuma atmosphere, through Brahma-manthiram it excapes, this is the superior state, it is the real use of birth.

    3. In our body important Instinct centres, chakras, their natural micro-vibrations are made strong and pure through Athma Prarthanai. Through this our body and mind both equally get awareness, in the state of Micro-Existing Awareness, Arises above due to massive awakening uyir Energy i.e., Kundalini is awakened.

    4. He says Hirth chakra, which is the place where Bhakthi sense originates, resides right side of our chest, near the place of heart. We have to turn our mind towards Hirth chakra, accepting thoughts, we have to forget ourselves at a thyana level in Hirth chakra – Nature’s higher authoritative highly organized Integrative Energy makes micro-sensitive change (self charge) in Hirth Chakra leading to Macro-awareness.  In this state of self-change Electro-magnetic form, makes to awaken Instinct sense, i.e., awakening of Micro-body residing inside Sukuma Sareeram.

      This energy stimulates Anaga Chakra activation which in turn activates “vyirsakthi” which enhances the energy that moves up or progresses Gundalini Power. And then between our eye brows, in the centre region highly blessed energy turns into everlasting light shine.  The Sense of integration with life, Blessed highness, and Everlasting light shine can be seen.  (Within inner eye use)

    5. Prarthanai means reaching the final fifth layer “Anandha mayakhastia” by crossing the other four layers Anna, Prahna, and Mana Vigynana existing within our body. It is possible, only in Dhrviya state.  According to each person’s mature level practitioners or saints or sathagargal have to reach that stage step by step and ti is the best way to accept.  These sadhana regulations all are produced basely only on “Athma Sutthi”.  Without expecting the results, not depending on manasu, following these things becomes the best.

    6. If we train or practice our manasu to exist between upper region of inner-tongue and lower region of “Vehikuzhi”, maintaining our mind to stand there, and if we do Arathanai for Naturla Divinething by Micro vibration, “Instinct” is attracted by Real Sense”, followed by expansion or blossom of “Trio-flame”, sound turns into light. It becomes superior or significant by concentrating and experiencing, Athma and inner router, Athetham, sukuma Jeeva travel or payanam.  This power if it reaches, skull’s open-atmosphere, Inner athetham undergoes self-change into sukuma sakthi power.

    7. Expanded and lengthened or stretched maha kundalini sakthi in the universal atmosphere, when exists in Shiva universal atmosphere, real gynana Massive existence nature, outer athetham proceeds self-change into sukuma skathi. This stands basic for all formulae.

    8. Bring our Jeevan as Athma into the most-happful atmosphere, and athetham means integration or revsion of Inner athetha sukuma sakthi and outer athetha sukuma sakthi in the ever-existing shiva atmosphere.

      This athetha englighting or enlightness brings happiness to you.  And from there, reaches skull, through Bhrahma-Mantram, Inner – Happiness Divine light, this athetha Inner –happiness Divine light which exists in our lotus heart, seeking the divine light, and have to feel, we got the most blessing in us.

      9. Withstand or stabilize your intelligence through Instinct, do your duties in the best way, be with unchanged mano-state in this different, world’s environment. How much possible, that much do “service” let us your mind exist with universal sense.  Your Intelligence let us discover properly.  And you rathma, with composite of Instinct, let be joined with Divine thing.

      This workshop is all about you relaxing into the freedom, pleasure, and delight that exists within your body and heart. It is time to liberate, heal and empower ourselves and walk in our innate path of life.