When you’re innate awakens, the passage of Divine intelligence from your brain, heart, and mind are all aligned and reconnected.

If a man finds his real nature, then afterwards he will realize limitless/endless happiness and goodness are his nature and he will get divine intelligence Innate exposure of soul investigation is necessary for that, one should know “who am I?” and he should investigation with instinct unbiased state and should understand clearly.

Man is whole-hearted being our nature is pure.  To awake our nature / Innate is our duty. Our Innate nature will exhibit automatically and it activates itself desirely. And it is very important to understand that pure real thing / divine thing through prayer. Through athma prarthanai we should remember and recognize our energy / power, about our true things daily through instinct nourishing is this routine practice.

Life’s new meaning is understood through this instinctness.  Through this it makes us to understand, real meaning or trueness of objects. Through exhibition of Instinctness which is a part of each human being, it paves way to line life with satisfaction, (peace) and happiness. This book understands the real facts of how the universe works, leading us to live a higher life, with our whole hearted search, it makes us to realize extra awakening about us.

If you bring the power of energy, which is fully supported or aligned with nature to human’s sense and mind; our human society will get benefitted. Those problems residing in this world will decrease to a larger extent.

If we support and organize with Nature the practice of getting back our instinet nature, real connection and to enlighten this is our foremost ambition from this, our life gets enlighted.

If we say there is no sun, if the cloud screens over it, the assumption is wrong. Like that, without knowing Brahmam, saying there is no Brahmam also wrong. If the cloud disappears, automatically the sunshines. Likewise, brahmam which exists within one’s inner-self/ will shine only when the disorders or health problems due to karma’s disappear. Keeping these quotations, upper state truths are explained by “Pragrna Kranthas”.  These truths and beliefs, if stated in any level also, if we get down and down, we will get more explanations.

This means, sangathi existing in any level is same, its descriptions in quantity, details explained level wise only changes and we should understand this. In Athma Yoga, significant chakras in our body are activated through micro vibrations. Through this, our body and mind, both activated simultaneously, through micro-activation, tremendously activated exists above and in turn activates Innate Energy.

We have seen Thoola, in depth reasoned bodies act as obstruction for Ahtma. Those three body descriptions are five koshas described which are, Annamaiya, Pranamaya, Manomaya, Vigynanamaya, and Ananthamaya.  Kosha means urviving or existing within, we have to take into consideration as those are existing within one among themselves. Our body grows due to foods which are eating, body’s thoola surfaceis called Annamaya Khosha. Pranamaya Khosham means integration of pancha pranans and pancha karmeenthras.

Both Pancha Gyanaenthras and heart constitutes as Manomaya Khosham. Our mind, which is the place of intelligence, is vignanamaya Khasham. These three final khoshams stands as Sukshama or micro body reasoned – body is the third body known as Aanantha maya Khosham.

Pacha Khoshams are the hidden places of innate energy existing within human body. It is joins with innate body, it is called Annamaya Khosham. If it joins with Prananan, it is called Pranamaya Khosham. If it joins with mind it is called Vignananmaya Khosham. If it joins with heart, it is called Manomaya Khosham and if it joins with Athma, it is called Ananthamaya Khosham. It is a yoga language which tells how much Instinctness a man contains or possesses.

This body dependent innate energy exists under the backbone of our body. It reaches the point Dhuriyam from Moolatharam through the way Aakinai while the Dhuriyatheetham lightens like the spread of Inner happiness we can rise above and taste (அமிர்தம்) Amirtham.

If the blessed senses of Druva Nakshtram increases or arises more within us, day-wise, if matures fully, we can find the Instinct nature within our body, form-less state, i.e., “like soul life exists as light,” our Instinct nature also turns into light.  It takes the state of no life in next piravi. (No-Birth) (Birthless) This biggest fact he understands through his Guru, and makes the world people also to understand the universe’s biggest facts what he has get.

Our body and mind is joined.  Then it travels into our body and mind, and finds the “Almighty” within us. Joins with God, through this secretion of Amirtham takes place, death-less body gained and reaching the state of ever-happiness is called “Mukthi” for this, technical knowledge is teached by “Dhruva Yoga Siddhar Education.”

If we want to get again Innate Energy in this human life, the Energy existing in this Universe i.e., through Instinct sense we have to compulsorily Inhale it.

Each person or each human has to be born and must lead the life naturally. For that he must know who he is, through experience, through athma Prarthanai, he must find. To understand the single and foremost athma, as it is, there is only one way.

You have to do athma Investigation on what you has found. In all living organisms, exists a slive soul within (termed as Aanma) as Instinct, fully ended truething which existed everywhere, known as Brahman, both are same only.

“Understand and get explanation”

Through Instinct sense get explanation,

Understand Nature’s power through Athma training

and let us get more and more explanation.

Remembering Instinctness and with inner-happiness living a life is the best life.  But, we are wasting time through reading books above Nature’s power or Energy.  We are wasting our life through simply speaking. Without finding the direct route, we are revolving around and round. Each Instinct is devotional.  But it is covered with clouds of Innocence.  So, only there is such a rarying difference among humans.

Though it looks, that we can’t understand those highly defined, deep sayings of nature, through practicing Athma Prarthanai, it clearly stands above without any doubts.  Athma Prarthanai means, it is a prarathanai exercise / training which makes us to remember Nature’s power daily since desires on out-side objects makes to adhere to Real source due to Nature Instinctness, activities through our senses are regulated.  Iga yukthi’s destroyed. When we practice Athma Prarathanai through Instinct Nature, most of the secret techniques are re-discovered and explained clearly.  Don’t do closing eyes.

  1. Getting victory on Karma, which is “an extra-ordinary vinai”, is difficult. Act purely and experience it.  We have to be very clear. “Who – Am – I”, this clearness should exist till last life.  If you are totally clear pure, you will surely experience the Massive real truth.

  1. It makes nature’s Energy to pass through veins and makes to awaken Instinct which sleeps. It helps to find “sukuma saresam,” i.e., mivo-body, in its matured state, gets the power going there will become usual.  If final death time reaches, this Jeevan goes to Extra –Sukuma atmosphere, through Brahma-manthiram it excapes, this is the superior state, it is the real use of birth.

  1. In our body important Instinct centres, chakras, their natural micro-vibrations are made strong and pure through Athma Prarthanai. Through this our body and mind both equally get awareness, in the state of Micro-Existing Awareness, Arises above due to massive awakening uyir Energy i.e., Kundalini is awakened.

  1. He says Hirth chakra, which is the place where Bhakthi sense originates, resides right side of our chest, near the place of heart. We have to turn our mind towards Hirth chakra, accepting thoughts, we have to forget ourselves at a thyana level in Hirth chakra – Nature’s higher authoritative highly organized Integrative Energy makes micro-sensitive change (self charge) in Hirth Chakra leading to Macro-awareness.  In this state of self-change Electro-magnetic form, makes to awaken Instinct sense, i.e., awakening of Micro-body residing inside Sukuma Sareeram.

This energy stimulates Anaga Chakra activation which in turn activates “vyirsakthi” which enhances the energy that moves up or progresses Gundalini Power. And then between our eye brows, in the centre region highly blessed energy turns into everlasting light shine.  The Sense of integration with life, Blessed highness, and Everlasting light shine can be seen.  (Within inner eye use)

  1. Prarthanai means reaching the final fifth layer “Anandha mayakhastia” by crossing the other four layers Anna, Prahna, and Mana Vigynana existing within our body. It is possible, only in Dhrviya state.  According to each person’s mature level practitioners or saints or sathagargal have to reach that stage step by step and ti is the best way to accept.  These sadhana regulations all are produced basely only on “Athma Sutthi”.  Without expecting the results, not depending on manasu, following these things becomes the best.

  1. If we train or practice our manasu to exist between upper region of inner-tongue and lower region of “Vehikuzhi”, maintaining our mind to stand there, and if we do Arathanai for Naturla Divinething by Micro vibration, “Instinct” is attracted by Real Sense”, followed by expansion or blossom of “Trio-flame”, sound turns into light. It becomes superior or significant by concentrating and experiencing, Athma and inner router, Athetham, sukuma Jeeva travel or payanam.  This power if it reaches, skull’s open-atmosphere, Inner athetham undergoes self-change into sukuma sakthi power.

  1. Expanded and lengthened or stretched maha kundalini sakthi in the universal atmosphere, when exists in Shiva universal atmosphere, real gynana Massive existence nature, outer athetham proceeds self-change into sukuma skathi. This stands basic for all formulae.

  1. Bring our Jeevan as Athma into the most-happful atmosphere, and athetham means integration or revsion of Inner athetha sukuma sakthi and outer athetha sukuma sakthi in the ever-existing shiva atmosphere.

This athetha englighting or enlightness brings happiness to you.  And from there, reaches skull, through Bhrahma-Mantram, Inner – Happiness Divine light, this athetha Inner –happiness Divine light which exists in our lotus heart, seeking the divine light, and have to feel, we got the most blessing in us.

  1. Withstand or stabilize your intelligence through Instinct, do your duties in the best way, be with unchanged mano-state in this different, world’s environment. How much possible, that much do “service” let us your mind exist with universal sense.  Your Intelligence let us discover properly.  And you rathma, with composite of Instinct, let be joined with Divine thing.

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