Those things blessed by saints are anupoothi riches. ‘Anupoothi’ means true spiritual experience at innate level. These are blessed naturally. Hence, in this modern life, if we try, and try again we can’t be able to realize the real meaning. If we want to know the real meaning, we must know first our innate level.

We can’t reach innate level or innate state through knowledge of books. Because, simply reading..

“Koortha meignanathal koudunarvar thangkarothin Knokariya Knokkn, Knunukariya Knuaaurvu.” .

We can’t understand innate level, it is difficult to find our innate level in day-to-day normal life. If you cross the state of normal life, innate senses make us to discover real or true perception. The author in his nine books gives descriptions that have been discovered as knowledge gained through experience, which make us to think more He has given innate principles for life and philosophical description s needed for all of us in life. I The Author believe, the nature of Universe Human Innate Power, the author’s research studies monitor learners’s heart to find the truth..

Those given here are mind-read (manavasaga) descriptions. Through Manavasaga description, we can find usual or normal ethics but it is impossible to get true perception, or sathya Dharshan. To attain this, each performer has to do proper achievement with self consciousness..

If you practice without proper understanding of innate level techniques, it would be a waste. True perception cannot be discovered through wrong presentations. With this basic definition, let us study AAA’s nine books.

The above mentioned nine books are:

  1. Innate Path
  2. Soul Innate
  3. Innate Service
  4. Innate Awakening
  5. Innate Seventh Sense
  6. Towards Innate
  7. Innate Health
  8. Innate Intelligence
  9. Freedom from knowledge.

If you read and observe the information from these nine books, and by practicing in your life, you can find the innate level existing personally within you.

Through soul prayer investigation, we can understand and get clarification on Nature’s Reality, Nature’s indirect Innate specifications.  To attain this, we have to worship the feet of nature, and with nature’s blessing, doing spiritual investigation, we can adhere innate activities residing within innate sense.

These nine books teach us Nature’s Innate Power.