Book Review

Book Title:Innate Health
Author:U.S.Mani gandhi
Word/Page Count: 44 pages
Formats Available: Paperback, Hardback, eBook, etc.

Synopsis: Innate health means vibrant health which comes from within. Your body already knows how to heal itself. You just need to remove the blockages you have placed within you so it can remember how to do its job. Start with the blockages and mental beliefs in your brain. Innate health helps in shaping your perceptions and your reality. If you believe that you are healthy and whole, you will be healthy and whole. What you think and what you believe will impact your health.

innate Health suggests an entirely different explanation of the relationship between thinking and experience, an inside-out view. Understanding how we think changes our relationship to what we think (the contents of our thoughts). Our experience of circumstances varies according to how we are holding and using our thinking, not according to the circumstances. As that understanding grows, it opens increasingly sustained access to innate health