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Studies about each varmam's (pressure points) characteristics like location of the varmam, depth and width of varmam, the pressure with which the varmam has to be tuned to cure diseases constitutes the mainstream study in varma therapy.

The word 'varmam' denotes energy flow in the body, also known as life energy. The points where this energy resides in the body are identified as varmam points. The basic objective of the varmam system of medicine is to stimulate these points using palms, fingers, etc., to cure diseases, he explained.

Varmam is a holistic therapy on its own and tackles the body, mind and spirit. A varmam expert understands the underlying links between the body, prana and the mind. If one looks at the long list of things which varmam can do, one will be tottally mesmerised by the deep science and the indisputable healing it brings about. The human body can get into lot of accidents minor and major in its life time. Very rarely people are lucky enough to escape accidents in life. Varmams have been classified based on the type of pressure needed to injure (a) Paduvarmam (varmam due to injury), (b) Thodu varmam (by touch); Thattu varmam (by blows), Thaduvu varmam (by massage); Nakku varmam (by licking); andNokku (by staring).The widely used and recognised ones are the 12 Paduvarmam’s and 96Thoduvarmam’s as you would guess, there is less consistency with the other categories simply because of the way of application or the deeper knwoledge needed to apply them. In these categories the Nokku varmam is the most awe generating and is rarely seen practiced, as those masters who were able to do this are almost extinct.

This Kandha Sakthi (Bio-magnetic energy) is rejuvenated by application of varmam on significant varma points, and thus it helps in curing diseases. Thus, Medicinal varmology is a holistic approach which includes therapeutic massage, herbal medicines along with varmam application. Siddha system proves efficient cure when treated with medicinal varmology.