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Holistic Healing: The Invitation

Holistic healing is the process of returning to wholeness. The holistic approach emphasizes the interconnectedness between mind, body and spirit, the personal and the relational, and promotes wellness on all levels.

Whether it is physical or emotional difficulty which moves you to seek healing, whether it is your personal or relational fields that are longing for relief, whether you reach out from a profound need or sheer curiosity, holistic healing is a life-changing process, and a window into true wellness, spiritual insight and personal transformation.

From a holistic perspective an imbalance can be addressed on every level of our Being from psyche, to body, to life, and the intention is not simply to get rid of the symptom, but to heal at the core, re-Member the Self, so to speak


Although many people initially come to holistic healing to alleviate various difficulties, ultimately holistic healing is more then an alternative approach to wellness. It is a process of realigning with our Soul which deeply changes our consciousness, facilitating the journey of personal healing and transformation and inviting the flowering of the Self.

Holistic healing re-minds us that no matter how deep our suffering, how great the separation - wholeness is present within us exactly as we are right now. It reminds us that the greatest of all journeys is one into the truth of who we are.