Understanding of the Our Innate Living

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All of these questions, and many more besides, are answered by an understanding of the nine books. Not an intellectual understanding, but an embodied knowing that arises through your own insight and realization.

We’re about to commence an in-depth exploration of these nine books there’s still time to join us. If you’re a change-worker of some kind, or if you’re looking for a fundamental change in your own life – this book could be for you.


Book Title:Innate path
Author: aaa center
Word/Page Count: 32 pages
Formats Available: Paperback, Hardback, eBook, etc

Synopsis: Do you find yourself being “misguided” by the life that you are not living? In essence this “mis guided” is the voice of a higher power calling to you, asking you to step forward along your own innate path.Urging you to move beyond your own perceived boundaries and limitations. The challenge is learning how to profoundly listen and powerfully respond to this call.

That which you resist will persist and the resistance to it manifests for each of us in different ways. This innate path process to recognize the calling, design your life, and experience life in a new way. The book is a tool that uplifts the reader to step into and own their own power.