Innate Medicine

“Trust that disease given by God, these must be medicine also surely given by God. For that act hopefully”.

 “With the help of human physiological science, find the Hidden energy within you. Through this, long-lasting innate health will be possible.

In this type of Innate Medicinal Treatment, stages of the disease are discovered. Nature’s whole constituents, innate energy’s sub-atomic particles, and 100 types of reunion or remixing are there in this type of medicine. It makes us get enlighten through understanding.

 This department is a science which deals on the basis of soul disciplinary true intelligence/knowledge Non-transformed Nature of life also stands as basic for this medicine.

 Innate energy acts as a protective wall for both body and life from the embryo stage to death level. In this Innate medicinal method, to prevent the disease from arising, the power of Innate energy is increased which results in protection, regeneration, and conformation. In this type of medicinal treatment, drugs regain natural states and pave the way for good health.

Through Innate energy, curing of disease, Natural protection, and all body’s innate formula are again re-instructed. In this type of medicine, it makes us to combine with nature here only, organized human life is being depended on trust Nature is protection means, taking a stand against chemical protection of diseases. About disease and self immunity constituted protective measures are described. Our body tries to cure itself from diseases by innate way through the elimination of diseases with close circumstances – in relation. The central point view of Innate medicine is safeguarding instinct Innate energy residing within yours.

 Our foremost duty is to protect our body which is a direct part or constituent of nature’s innate power.

 Through the understanding of our body, mind, and Innate medicine makes a drastic change in our internal point of view. Let us see about those mentioned elaborately.


Innate medicine’s basic rule makes our body to increase its instinct Innate Energy power. This medicine is the best mixture of our heritage-based measures.

 Since various approaches of Nature have been used in curing diseases through Innate Medicine, Innate Department stands dignified.

 This is a scientific technique, in which, Nature’s fire constituents (earth, water, air, fire, sky) are used to cure a person by triggering the human body’s innate activities. In pays attention to specific herbal treatment methods. Medicines here are not like modern drugs, but they assemble along with food and eliminate diseases. Generally it uses a specific herbal treatment combination of (Traditional) paramabariya medicine. This makes our body to attain innate health with whole natural ways. These Herbal drugs increases and enhances strongly self-curing innate energy.

 These changes existing in normal health state conditions have been called by us as “disease”. These changes have to be disappeared, we have to regain our normal health status, for this another change has to take place in our body with the help of drugs or medicines. It is a medicinal methods based on varmakundalini yoga. At least to a little extent, each medical practitioner should know yoga, Varmakundalini Yoga method, and different chakras. It is very important to have knowledge of science mentioned above. Innate medicine is an admirable treatment / science in the world of medicine.

 Based on nature’s vital pourer, botanical specifications, Notified significant physical change produced in body through this Innate Medicine and drugs here are curing diseases based on Nature’s Law definition. Through safeguarding techniques, promotions, development-oriented symptoms & test procedures, various stages of diseases are found and thus helps to eliminate unwanted medicines/drugs. The special feature of this Innate Medicine is through herbal drugs and exercise, increasing Immunity power and curing diseases.

 Through Innate medicine, these powers are stimulated and thus lead to innate health. This body is made up of a mixture of physical elements. In the physical nature of the human body, through chemical activities, the body has been functioning. It makes chemical changes to take place normally. Chemical acids, enzymes etc balances or equity prizes or stabilizes the activities of glands in our body.

 Toxicity produced or caused due to food substances is eliminated, cleanses our body, our internal organs protection without change in original form is the specificity of Innate Medicine.

 In this innate therapy, innate energy has been protected through herbal drugs which stimulate, activate ductless glands of our body and spiritual chakras (Viyr chakras).

 If you remove your registered sins, innate energy turns in to intellectual power, and the organ repairs itself automatically.

 We have to praise and protect well our body which is a good instrument. Hence, man based on his ambition, should live normally, and to attain peace and happiness, he should receive total or whole Innate medicine and also be must realize that protection of the body is also our duty to be done. 



The state of spreadness of (உயிர்) is called Mind. The mind plays a major role in the body’s function. The mind’s well-clear state turns into the body’s well-clear state.

 Escapes from the clear – atmosphere and circulates in terms of atoms, split into the basic five constituents and then turns into living organisms from single sense creature to six sense creature, human beings, while living as human beings, the functioning power of the body is termed as Innate Energy and another massive power is called as Innate power.

 Innate energy means the energy which circulates everywhere within our bodies, which see and understands the world through five different sense organs.

 We are not describing diseases in ferms of health conditions. We are concerned and describing only medical therapy against diseases (i.e. prevention of disease)

 In this technique, without seeing as medicines in our life, it sees as Nature’s botanical food which prevents and protects from disease. It increases the Innate Energy in our body, supports with the whole organization.

 Through this basis from mental tension, and gives detailed procedures.

 To remove difficulties arising due to wastes-stocked minds or to recognize, it, our body takes protective action as a disease. When disease comes, we have to wake-up and if we rectify our wrongdoings, diseases give good-feel and leave away the body. Otherwise, it we treat diseases as enemy and try to prevent and destroy, our body to self protect itself, produces again some more diseases.

Even though different types of exercises and treatments are arising to keep our body and mind healthy, no fruitful result or effect has resulted until now. All these are cleared in innate medicine.

 Research against disease, central point views, in the social body, healthy mind, and safety problems related to opposite effects, to prevent this best remedy or treatments are undergoing research in this dept. of Innate Medicine. Through procedures like varmam, acupuncture, and Herbal techniques, innate therapy is making a drastic change and makes it possible to understand.

 According to each person’s individuality, medicine is selected. This is the truth. Innate medicine’s special drugs are not heavy dosage drugs. Innate energy only is used. In this way, specified registration is removed, gradually disease also cured completely since medicine given based on one’s mind, he’s cured both physically and mentally. This makes the person change into a complete human being. This is special and specific to this medicine.

 This is a medicine, concerned with the observation of the body’s activities, the body’s nature, and finally makes up to understand clearly about treatment. Through this, it protects our body which is a direct part of nature. Deep observation of mind and body makes us to understand clearly, it makes a drastic change on Inner – view of our heart, turns our life into a full-fledged one.

 Destroying our desires and wishes very difficult. Not necessary also. Instead, we can regulate our wishes to lead a progressive life. And this is only real wisdom.



Don’t do ill to our body and life today or tomorrow.

 Innerface treatment is not Innate because investigation about the human body, investigation about mind or manas, and Innate medicinal safety procedures, all these there should be joined together. Understanding studies of these mentioned above is given only by the innate medicinal method.

 Innate medicine means curing or eliminating diseases through activities residing within Innate Energy.

 This method makes studies on how to understand our Body’s Nature. This is an extraordinary, wonderful, blessed medicinal method in which those registrations naturally residing within Innate Energy of our body are treated using varmam, acupuncture, and herbal treatments.

 In Innate Medicine, natural herbs are used to increase Innate immune power, resulting in Immunity Generation Immunity is stimulated through this method of treatment knowledge of Immune response against diseases in our human body is studies to a greater extent. If a chance is given, with a normal atmosphere or normal environment body learns to attain a stabilized state.

 Let us see, how medicines are produced in this innate medicinal method. Innate medicine means sonly if the medicines (வீரியப்படுத்தினால்) otherwise it is a Siddha medicinal method. Through this only spiritual power of the drugs can be executed or expressed. Through botanical procedures medicines are measured in this treatment the results obtained are suitable for usage. Modern health commission will easily accept this method through a detailed explanatory view of innate medicine; treasures existing within us are co-ordinated joined. Instinct awareness created through this and leads to soul awareness.

 Innate medicinal Service Co-ordinated and the medicines/drugs sold in the name of AAA Innate these medicines based on scientific research, for the below-mentioned diseases are distributed or produced as drugs.

 Medicine which increases Immune power, weight reduction medicine, medicines for long-lasted diseases. The expansion of AAA Innate is Anbu, Arul and Aananthan are its meaning. Innate means Natural aaa Innate means through Anbu, Arul, and Aanantham, Natural process or natural registrations or proceedings used to discover Innate life.

 Aaa Innate medicines have the potential of natural protective action is sold. These medicines stimulate Instinct residing within innate energy in our bodies. And through Innate therapy, fights against diseases, and helps to cure disease by finding the root cause.

Since the medicines used are obtained from Nature, this method is best and superior to other methods. Through Innate Medicine, we can protect ourselves from all kinds of diseases. This method is based on herbs derived traditionally. Here for each health problem, and for diseases treatment given through herbs. In this method, detailed scientific research has been done and the medicines were given in the name of aaa Innate. This is doing service under full Dharma principles Ethics.

 Innate Medicine has no side-effects. It is very simple and at low price medicines available good for (or) suited for the environment. Above all, it identifies the doctor within ourself, medicinal factory, and makes us live a healthy life. This medicinal method is associated with nature. This makes body, mind, sense organs/instruments & soul to travel in a single line and in a stabilized state. Both Inner and outer it makes our wishes/desires to co-ordinate equally on both sides and enables us to act promptly leading to Innate health.

 Nature to act usually or normally with its innate behavior and to act promptly is called innate medicinal service. The innate natural way is democracy oriented or democracy safeguarding medicinal service.

 Researches on Innate medicine are coming with a fruitful result and also the numbers of researches are going on increasing. Recently some years, innate medicine has given research papers and proved to cure many diseases. Let us see in detail, how to organize various stages of disease and kinds of diseases like Backpain, cell apoptosis, Insomnia, tumor (cancer), heart diseases, Tuberculosis.


Better physical functioning:

Improved quality of life

Better mental health outcomes

Fewer and shorter duration hospitalizations

Less high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease

A longer lifespan


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