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 Reconnect to an innate life of aaa principles of Innate Health gives you anbu(love), Innate Service gives you amaithi(peace), and Innate Wisdom gives you anandham(joy).

Innate Health

Understanding nature through advanced technology is very difficult. Through our well known human body, we can understand nature easily. If our living life stands along with Nature we have a healthy life, and nature’s innate health stands with us.

 Is there anyone in this world who does not like good health and happiness. All of us in the world wish to live healthy without diseases. But they do not know what real health is, and so they remain disturbed. If good health, peace of mind, and happiness are possible in all of our lives, then it is important to keep our body and mind well.

 If we turn inwards and see our life, a change takes place in our opinion regarding nature. It makes us understand our body and in turn, gives a new knowledge of innate power.

It makes our body and innate energy (power) to combine and act equally it increases the immune power in our body and leads to innate healthiness.

 The quality of curing and maintaining the human body, (or the healing power of the human body) exists naturally within us. If we deviate from nature our innate healing power decreases, which in turn results in disease and illness. It is very important to understand the nature of our bodies.

Innate health medicine is a type of heritage medicinal method. In this method, innate treatment, varmakundalini treatment, botanical treatment, all these promote the body’s natural activities, in turn, increases the immune power.

 This type of medicine stands between the human body’s nature and external nature.

 This book has been written based on Indian health medicine specifically research that has been researched for years. This book teaches us how to live a healthy life. Detailed studies have been done on various subjects like medicine, literature, psychology, and nature-based life study, and thus this book leads us to live with innate health.

 Its main subject gave awareness to Body-Mind-Soul and takes us to the next stage of life.

 Innate natural medicine leads our bodies to an equilibrium state which in turn increases the natural ability and paves the way to live a healthy life. It heals the illness in our body, eliminates toxins caused by diseases, and in turn promotes the body’s natural innate activities. This part of the study resulted in a search for science without instruments.

 This type of medicine makes us understand our human body’s physiology and various systems inside the body. Through this, it has been protecting our body which is a direct part of nature.

 Through this understanding of our mind and body, there takes place drastic change in the external point of view and thus makes us be human beings perfect. To make our future generation to be healthy, it is possible only by real innate health medical department.

 If the natural innate chain breaks, human society can’t exist. Prevention is better than our life and lets us live.

 For high ambition, we have taken the form of the human being to conquer. To find natural (innate) abilities or activities in all organisms, and accepting them is known as innate health. If it should gain victory or success, we should know first about our body’s innate power. This book teaches us to live with innate health and have to design our life.


Innate service transformation shaping humanity, and the role that an understanding of innate thinking can play in solving the challenges.

 Innate service thinking is, in short, self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective thinking. It requires rigorous standards of excellence and mindful command of their use. It entails effective communication and problem solving abilities and a commitment to overcome our native ego-centrism and sociocentrism.

 The innate service habit of thought, if usual in society, will pervade its entire mores, because it is a way of taking up the problems of life. Men educated in it cannot be stampeded by stump orators … They are slow to believe. They can hold things as possible or probable in all degrees, without certainty and without pain. They can wait for evidence and weigh evidence, uninfluenced by the emphasis or confidence with which assertions are made on one side or the other. They can resist appeals to their dearest prejudices and all kinds of cajolery. Education in the critical faculty is the only education of which it can be truly said that it makes good citizens.


A innate service view means that we are interested in engaging and developing the whole person. You can think of this as different levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It’s the concept that the human being is multi-dimensional. We have conscious and unconscious aspects, rational, and irrational aspects.

 As our name implies, our philosophical approach is to the “whole” self, taking into consideration the mind, body, and soul. Innate services focus on the integration of the mind, body, and soul. When one part is affected, all parts are affected. Innate Services focus on physical, emotional, and spiritual well being offering wholeness to the person. Rather than separating the body for the medical doctors, the mind for the mental health practitioners, and the soul for the spiritual doctors, the philosophy is to consider all parts of the whole.

 We, humans, use our thinking capacity basically to meet three native drives: self-gratification, self-interest, and self-preservation. Because by nature our thinking is imperfect this can lead to problems. Our thinking is often prejudiced, unfair, and plainly wrong.

 Flawed thinking causes trouble in our day-to-day life and also in more serious matters such as education, business, politics, diplomacy, communication, etc which touch the destinies of whole societies.

 It is not enough to teach a man a specialty. Through it he may become a kind of useful machine but not a harmoniously developed personality. It is essential that the student acquire an understanding of and a lively feeling for values. He must acquire a vivid sense of the beautiful and of the morally good. Otherwise he – with his specialized knowledge – more closely resembles a well-trained dog than a harmoniously developed person. He must learn to understand the motives of human beings, their illusions, and their sufferings in order to acquire a proper relationship with the individual fellow-men and to the community…Overemphasis on the competitive system and premature specialization on the ground of immediate usefulness kill the spirit on which all cultural life depends, specialized knowledge included. It is also vital to a valuable education that independent critical thinking is developed in the young human being, a development that is greatly jeopardized by overburdening him with too much and with too varied subjects. Overburdening necessarily leads to superficiality

 “Critical thinking is thinking about your thinking while you’re thinking in order to make your thinking better to innate service”

 But it has also less trivial consequences for serving, I believe. We need to get people to revisit what they have learned times and times again. We sure never assume that the people “got it” once and for all. After all, if you are a researcher, you must admit that you have revisited the same topics dozens of times. Often you are amazed at how shallow your understanding was when you first serviced something. And the trick that makes smarter is that you realize that you can just keep serving and serving forever.

This site is devoted to the research of those natural methods which we all know, but have somehow forgotten, as methods for trauma recovery. Please join us in the process.



 Innate wisdom is the innate awakening of awareness and the science and technology of energy.

Innate awakening is one of the many styles of innate soul thuriyatheetha practice to support your wellness needs with an emphasis on its integrated approach.

 It works in an integrated way to support the entire body-mind-spirit system, awakening and enlivening the dormant Kundalini creative energy as well as strengthening the physical body.

The word “kundalini” means the awareness and the ability to manifest the hidden potential of your awareness and the Kundalini(innate) energy is a dormant power of your Infinity in your human body. This energy is active for many in the lower chakras, creating a limited and finite experience in the physical realm. However, when this energy is properly circulated through all the chakras, you are able to tap into your Infinite potential and connect with pure consciousness. The kriyas which hold the yoga support the safe transmission of this energy and need to be held in integrity.

As a science and technology of energy, Innate awakening channels and supports the healthy movement and integration of energy to your body-mind, helping you live in alignment with your fullest potential.

In addition to increasing physical flexibility, strength, and stability, Innate awakening promotes the health of the nervous system, the glandular & endocrine system, and the cardiovascular system. Along with the nervous system, Innate awakening enhances higher brain functioning and allows for conscious control of the mind. As such, it is also a transformational tool.

Because Innate awakening wisdom is for the busy householder who needs to manage a job, family, life with spiritual and self-evolvement, it is designed to be powerful and efficient. 

In as little as only 3 minutes, you can get positive results as increased blood circulates, distributing enhanced endocrine secretions in the body. The internal changes from yoga persist throughout the day and are reflected by positive changes in your mood and behavior.

Some of the unique aspects of innate soul thuriyatheetha practice include:

  • Innate soul thuriyatheetha practice is done in specific sets called Kriyas. There are literally hundreds of different sets and meditations each geared towards a unique focus but which all have the common goal of balancing the chakras and bringing healing and harmony to the body-mind-spirit. These sets combine not only postures but specific breath techniques, sounds or mantras, eye positions, and specific timing to tap into various frequencies of energy and create specific, cumulative effects on the body, mind, and spirit. Because of the composite and balanced effect, it is important to follow the integrity of the set and not add, delete, or change the order of the exercises or alter the time ratio of the sequence. To gain a full appreciation of the depth and possibilities within innate soul thuriyatheetha practice, I recommend you try at least three separate classes or kriyas.
  • All classes begin by tuning in to a specific mantra – the Adi Mantra – which connects you to your divine inner teacher and the chain of teachers in the tradition to safely hold and channel the powerful energies.
  • There is no “initiation” as with some yoga traditions. The teachings are considered to be the master and are available to all seeking without restriction.
  • At times it can be aerobic, at times quiet and reflective, but it is always a unique and uplifting experience. Though some more familiar yoga postures are used, they are often done in a more dynamic fashion. Additionally, Innate meditation uses sophisticated movement for the body-mind that is not commonly practiced in most other yoga traditions. All the techniques are used to support body-mind-spirit transformations and to help you live to your highest potential.
  • Everyone can do innate soul thuriyatheetha practice. If you can breathe and lean in the right direction of the exercise, you will get benefits! No particular level of physical fitness is necessary. Since you can only be where you are in any given moment, you start wherever you’re at and build from there. The key is to listen to your inner wisdom and only do your best. Your best is not perfection or doing the ideal of the pose. Your best is the balance point between being lazy and being fanatical. It is accepting where you are in each moment and doing what you are fully capable of in that time and space…no No more, no less.

In as little as only 21 minutes, you can get positive results:

One of the aspects I value in innate soul thuriyatheetha practice for myself and my clients is how fast and powerful the results are. 

I decided to train in this style of innate soul thuriyatheetha practice because after my first class, when I had already been practicing yoga for about twelve years, I came out energized and feeling alive in a way I never had from other styles of practice. My body felt strong but this strength and power went so much deeper. I feel powerful at my core in a positive way. 

Because innate soul thuriyatheetha practice is for the busy householder who needs to manage a job, family, life with spiritual and self-evolvement, it is designed to be powerful and efficient.


3 minutes Increased blood circulation begins, distributing enhanced endocrine secretions in the body.

7 minutes Brain patterns begin to shift and the magnetic field surrounding the body increases in strength.

11 minutes The nervous system begins to clear.

21 minutes The subconscious mind begins to clear.

Endocrine secretions totally balanced as is the ethereal energy of the chakras (junction points of body and spirit).


Using innate soul thuriyatheetha practice to transform your habits and clear old cellular memory.

Much of our outer actions and habits are directly related to our inner beliefs and thoughts which have been formed from past experiences and cellular memory. 

The person you are today is not living in the same mental and emotional space that you were as a child or earlier in your life. Yet you are likely responding to the world around you subconsciously based on your past reactions and experiences.

Trying to simply change the outer habits is often not enough.

You need to change the internal energy pathways that make up the habit experience and response cycle. And the energetic techniques of innate soul thuriyatheetha practice are a great resource for clearing these old energetic pathways to help break old habits and develop a new one. 

To do this, individuals are often given a specific innate soul thuriyatheetha practice to address a specific desired change or pattern. This innate soul thuriyatheetha practice is then done daily for a certain number of time to support the habit change as follows.

40 Days                      To change/break a habit.

90 Days                      To confirm the habit.

120 Days                   The new habit is who you are.

1000 Days                 You have mastered the new habit.


For more details INNATE WISDOM book is available with aaa center.


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