Activities At The aaa center For Innate Living Coaching

Science Of Mind Coaching and Gathering

These Coaching can Change the Course of Your Entire Life!
Many people are struggling right now. Even so, there are always ways to find inspiration, to get motivated, and take action in our lives to navigate the uncertainties and change.

At the aaa center For Innate Living Coaching, we present potentially life-changing discussions every week that will help you to improve and transform your life.

We would like to invite you to join us in person if you are a India or if you are visiting the Tamil Nadu area. We also would like to extend an invitation to you to join our ever-growing virtual community.

The The aaa center For Innate Living Coaching is the same center where the world transformative teacher and spiritual leader, Mani Gandhi, received her education.

At the center, we regularly highlight the teachings of Mani Gandhi and other New Thought greats. We have a desire to make a positive impact on our local and virtual communities.

“I have learned how to identify different clients’ needs as to their learning ability. I am also more knowledgeable on the different belief systems – many of which I had never heard of. I have deepened my knowledge on why nature is so important in our lives and the impact it has when we incorporate it into our daily life as much as possible. Lastly, I thought the section on emotional well-being very interesting and will use the guided imagery with my own clients, as it has had such positive outcomes in my own.”

We are made up of mind, body and spirit. Our mind with its intellect and emotion. Our physical body. And our spiritual essence. Innate living coaching is facilitating someone’s experience within all these states of being so they reach a state of empowerment and balance.

We engage with life from many perspectives: work, intimacy, learning, material resources, skills development, social interaction, family etc. Underpinning all these ways of engagement is how we feel about ourselves and what gives our life meaning. Innate living coaching is being a guide to someone’s processes of self-discovery and how they use this learning in daily living.


What is the difference between living coaching and Innate living coaching? living coaching helps us to improve different areas of our life e.g. work, friendship, personal development, communication, intimacy, well-being, and family. Innate living coaching helps us integrate these areas of our life to give a more profound meaning to daily living.

Module 1: Coaching Skills:
Module 2: Cognitive Behavioural Coaching:
Module 3: A Innate Life Coaching Approach:
Module 4: Mindful Coaching:
Module 5: Healing the Body:
Module 6: Vibrational Energy:
Module 7: Using Visualisation and Imagery in Coaching:
Module 8: General Psychological Concepts and Strategies:
Module 9: Lifestyle Application: Work and Meaning:
Module 10: Lifestyle Application: Relationship and Social Wellbeing:
Module 11: Lifestyle Application: Environmental Wellbeing:
Module 12: Lifestyle Application: The Psycho-Spiritual:
Module 13: Ways to Deliver Coaching: