Inviting you to join me in a 48 Day Innate Wisdom Affirmation Challenge where we challenge ourselves to thinkfeel, and believe our optimum self. I hope you will share with me your experiences.

Innate Wisdom is the clear seeing of the impermanent, conditioned nature of all phenomena, knowing that whatever arises has the nature to cease. When we see this impermanence deeply, we no longer cling; and when we no longer cling, we come to the end of suffering.

We take care of the path to carry you forward into the light of greater freedom, initiation, revelations, and new understandings. This challenge by AAA will assist to understand your own pace and realization of your daily life and world from an innate awareness, rather than a personality-based awareness by self-awakening.

With our help and your inner self, you can transform from a personality-based consciousness into awakened innate consciousness.

During the 48 days you will:
– Explore various self reflection techniques and perspectives
– Check in with different aspects of life to see where you’re at.
– Search for limiting beliefs
– Journey through your emotions, uncovering triggers and patterns.
– Develop greater self empathy and perspective over the transient nature of our emotions.
– Reconnect with your vision and ultimate self

Three stages of Innate Wisdom:

  1. Innate Rhythm Meditating in the morning.
  2. Innate Rhythm Cleaning in the evening.
  3. Innate Rhythm Praying at night before going to bed.


In Part 1 of this 3-Part series, you will awaken your innate power.  Innate power comes from knowing the truth of any situation. It is a very important gift of consciousness you can receive from your Divine Self. In this course, you will explore the truth that there is only one power, that is the Divine Self. You will discover what it means to live with this truth as you open to the realization that nothing can have power over you.

The video below explains how Innate Rhythm Meditation plays a major role to shift our thinking to feeling. This helps to have an understanding of what Yoga mudras are. “They are power points of the energy on the surface of our body,” explained Knowles. “These points spin like vortexes, pulling the outer or ‘universal’ energies to our most inner points, to align, balance, and ease the physical, metaphysical and mental systems in and around the body.”

This video guides how you should perform this meditation. Innate relaxation can be done prior to this if you feel the need. This should be done at 6.30 a.m. sharp Innate meditation takes only fourteen minutes of your time. After this, you will experience a great change. It has been said if we meditate with this feeling, we would cherish the journey within.

With this understanding, you can release the illusion that there is anything to fight against. You know that when you are in contact with your Divine Self, no thoughts, beliefs, memories, people, feelings, self-obstacles, situations, or outside circumstances can stop you from creating a life that reflects the unlimited potential of your Divine Self. There can be no power in anything of the material world, for the only power is that of Spirit, the omnipotent Divine Self within you.

AAA’s journey in this meditation is to assist you further in developing the consciousness of your Divine Self.  This awareness allows you to know even more your true identity as a Divine Self, a truth that assists you in being even more effective at clearing energy.



In Part 2 of this 3-Part series, This video is about -Cleaning – How to do Cleaning – Innate Awakening in Part 2 of this 3-Part series, Innate Rhythm Cleaning, you will learn how to recognize and cleaning is a way to remove the emotional burdens that we carry on a daily basis. These burdens are the emotional content of our experiences and the emotional residue that lingers from our past, our memories.

tendencies of thought and emotion, causing us to become habitual in our reactions and behavior. They prevent us from being free. With the daily cleaning practice, we remove these impressions in bulk and become lighter day-by-day.

the trainer removes complexities and impurities from your system, creating more innate energy within. Over time, you will experience greater vacuity and sound waves, which will in turn direct the flow of divine energy towards you to a greater extent. At 6.30 p.m. sharp Innate Rhythm Cleaning for fourteen minutes.

When your energy is clear you know who you are. You no longer are held back by self-doubt and fears. Instead, you feel the courage and confidence of your Divine Self shining through you, making it easier to move forward. When you are clear you feel good about yourself–more joyful, insightful, inspired, focused, confident, and optimistic. With clean energy, the divine pattern and perfection of any area is revealed, in yourself and others, and in any situation, you focus on. Clearing all lesser energies that are affecting you opens the way for your highest good to come about, and for the divine perfection and pattern to reveal itself in every area of your life.

This continues the expansion of consciousness taught in the other two albums in this series.  aaa’s journeys assist you in clearing any energy you have taken on, so you can better sustain knowing your true identity and Innate Awakening of your spiritual power, living in alignment with the truth of your being.



In Part 3 of this 3-Part series, Innate Rhythm prayer, you will explore fourth-dimensional consciousness and experience yourself as a non-physical, eternal, invisible, infinite, unlimited, pure, illuminating light. With the realization of who you are beyond the ego, a higher world opens up–a world of light and beauty; perfection, goodness, and love. The veils that have hidden your inner light begin to fall away, allowing the beauty, love, and goodness within you to flow out into your life.

This video is about Prayer – How to Pray – how to offer prayer to connect to Higher self – how to offer prayer to connect to Inner self

My self-esteem has had a hit, as it is focused on outside approval for my appearance, my work, even my spiritual practice. Unity. Prayer of awareness. Now humankind needs a body that at all times honors and praises God. Innate Rhythm Prayer for fourteen minutes before bed.

When you realize what a vast consciousness you are, you no longer feel like a small, powerless, separate self. Fears drop away and you feel new confidence arise from within you. Your sense of direction about your life increases. Knowing the greater Self that you are can bring you energy, solutions, opportunities, and all that you need to move forward into your highest future. Knowing your true identity is one of the most life-changing steps you will take on your path of Rhythm prayer.

This prayer is the beginning of an expansion into Divine Self consciousness that strengthens and enhances your ability to awaken your innate power and clear energy.


48 DAYS The aaa Sacred Art of Listening guides you through three practices of deep listening—to our Source, to ourselves, and to each other.

aaa’s Innate Awakening series is 3 parts of a comprehensive series of aaa courses called aaa’s Path of Self-Realization series, offering you who are ready an accelerated course in higher consciousness that assists you in becoming an awakened, realized Self.

In aaa’s Innate Awakening courses, you will explore your Divine Self-connection as a doorway into higher awareness. This is awareness of who you are beyond the ego, beyond your identification with your body, emotions, and mind. To sustain this higher consciousness, it is important to know your true identity and awaken your spiritual power. You will also want to understand the nature of lesser energies you live in and around, increasing your ability to stay clear of identifying with them so you can identify instead with your true, innermost Divine Self.

aaa’s journeys in all 3 parts of these courses, Innate Rhythm Meditation, Innate Rhythm cleaning, and Innate Rhythm Prayer assist you in Rhythm to your true identity as a Divine being. When you know who you are–a powerful, wise, and infinite being–you have more confidence, clarity, and vision. You experience more inner peace, harmony, and inspiration. Anxiety, doubts, and worry disappear. You love and honor yourself. You make yourself rather than other people the authority of what is right for you. You are not driven by externals; instead, you follow your inner guidance. You are not needy or dependent. You know your Divine Self is always bringing you whatever you need.

About aaa’s Path of Self-Realization Series that this set of 3 courses is a part of aaa says that each album in his Path of Self-Realization series contains some of the major steps, understanding, and realizations that will assist you on your path of innate Awakening and Self-realization.  aaa is mapping out for you some of the steps and understandings that will carry you forward into the higher light of greater freedom, the light of initiation, revelations, and new understandings. The courses in this series are to assist you in learning to view your daily life and the world from a spiritual awareness, rather than a personality-based awareness.

In all of aaa’s courses in this series, you will work with your guides and inner teachers who are here to assist you in your continuing transformation from a personality-based consciousness to having an innate awakened spiritual consciousness.