There are so many ways that 48-day challenges can make a huge difference in your life, which include:

  • Gaining more self confidence
  • Feeling empowered
  • Achieving your dreams
  • Becoming healthier
  • Being more adventurous
  • Finding happiness

Hearing and listening are two different things. Learning to listen—really listen—requires sacred practice.

The aaa Sacred Art of Listening guides you through three practices of deep listening—to our Source, to ourselves, and to each other.

Inspiring text and contemplative artwork combine to communicate the three essential qualities of deep listening—innate awakening meditation, evening innate awakening cleaning and night-time innate awakening prayer. They demonstrate that the key to healthy relationships and spiritual transformation can be as basic as practicing the art of listening.

You will learn how to:

Speak clearly from the heart

Communicate with courage and compassion

Heighten your awareness and sensitivity to opportunities for deep listening

The first level elements of our practice—morning innate awakening meditation, evening innate awakening cleaning and night-time innate awakening prayer

  1. Innate awakening Meditation

This video explains how Innate awakening meditation plays a major role to shift our thinking to feeling. To perform innate awakening meditation, it helps to have an understanding of what Yoga mudras are.“They are power points of energy on the surface of our body,” explains Knowles. “These points spin like vortexes, pulling the outer or ‘universal’ energies to our most inner points, to align, balance, and ease the physical, metaphysical and mental systems in and around the body.”

This video guides us on how we should perform this meditation. Innate relaxation can be done prior to this if we feel the need. This should be done for 6.30 p.m. sharp Innate meditation for fourteen minutes.. After this has been performed we will experience a great change. It has been said if we meditate with this feeling, we would cherish the journey within.

The meditation would go something like…

 Become comfortable listening to this Music. Allow your rational mind and all the thoughts of the day to just fade away into the background.

  1. Visualize a Ball of Energy starting at your base chakra (Root) and slowly rising in the form of a double helix pattern. (Dual Channels).
  2. As this energy rises, it activates and cleanses all of your chakras on the way up. Visualize your chakras responding to this energy.
  3. When the energy arrives at your Third Eye Chakra, turn (rotate) the energy 90 degrees so that it’s coming out of the front of your forehead. The innate energy is designed to exit from the third eye chakra and not from the top of the crown. This is important.
  4. Repeat these steps while listening to this frequency for as long as it feels comfortable.

After you finish you should have some water, and rest if you can.

14 Minute MP

Awaken your innate energy and experience universal connectivity and transcendent awareness like no other.

 “Innate meditation Awakening music”, often mistranslated as “enlightenment,” refers to the process of attaining a bright and clear awareness of your essence-nature, that is to say, that which lies beyond the conditioned mind (yet provides the context for it). Awakening music initiates a process of liberation (mokṣa), that is, becoming free of the conditioned mind and all its self-images, together with the conditioned energies (e.g., attachment and aversion) that arise from it. Attaining some degree of liberation then makes possible a piece of deeper awakening music to your essence-nature, which then makes possible more freedom, in a positive feedback loop. Awakening music is not an experience per se, nor a state of mind — it is simply being in touch with what is already true, moment to moment, and letting action flow from that place. Awakening music stimulates and releases the primal (shakti) energy coiled in the bottom of your spine, leading you towards a self-awakening that brings with it wisdom, love, contentment, positive direction, and acceptance of self.”

 We use binaural beats in all our tracks, even in those compositions that feature more musical and thematic elements, such as this one. Our music is also written with the Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies like the powerful 528 Hz. These frequencies will induce deep states of relaxation and the binaural beats will stimulate deep meditation states.

 2.Innate awakening cleaning;

This video is about -Cleaning – How to do Cleaning – Innate awakening meditation

Cleaning is a way to remove the emotional burdens that we carry on a daily basis. These burdens are the emotional content of our experiences, and the emotional residue that lingers from our past, our memories. tendencies of thought and emotion, causing us to become habitual in our reactions and behavior. They prevent us from being free. With the daily cleaning practice, we remove these impressions in bulk, and become lighter day-by-day.

the trainer removes complexities and impurities from your system, creating more innate energy within. Over time, you will experience greater vacuity and sound waves, which will in turn direct the flow of divine energy towards you to a greater extent. At 6.30 p.m. sharp Innate Cleaning for fourteen minutes.

3.Innate awakening prayer

This video is about Prayer – How to Pray – how to offer prayer to connect to Higher self – how to offer prayer to connect to Inner self

My self esteem has had a hit, as it is focused on outside approval for my appearance, my work, even my spiritual practice. Unity. Prayer of awareness. Now humankind needs a body that at all times honors and praises God. Innate Awakening Prayer for fourteen minutes before bed.

 “believe that our bodies contain ‘energy frequencies’ and that sonic frequencies can be used to reattune these energies when they go off key. All you have to do is lie down and bask in the tuneful beauty of ‘pure’ sound”.

 Sound has been a tool for promoting the physical and emotional health of the body for as long as history can account for, deeply rooted in ancient cultures and civilizations.

It’s very intriguing to think that something as simple as sound, as music, which we have come to treat as utterly pleasurable entertainment, has not only been used to promote healing and well-being, but has proven to work through research as well.



Research on the neuroplasticity of the brain shows us that breaking old habits and building new ones is possible. Effectiveness studies on rehabilitation centers show us that creating good habits and gaining the ability to retain them for the long term takes time. One month is not enough. Forty eight days serves as an industry benchmark for where new good habits are finally able to not only be implemented but also sustained. That is if a man is willing to choose to keep up the good habits and that which successfully supports them. For the aaa center, this is a life of meditation , cleaning, and prayer.

 These forty eight days of Exodus are a starting line, not a finish line. Enter into them well and they will help you begin your new life of freedom in aaa center.

 Commit to the beginning of your new life of freedom for forty eight days.

 If you benefit please pass on others it is innate service.

Gift of Giving for the development of aaa center.