The world’s ultimate eco-friendly, health & spiritual

cabinet of curiosities: The aaa center.

Available for franchising now.



 The aaa center responds to a rise in global consciousness that is calling out for a more spiritual and sustainable lifestyle. Leading by example was key in the idea of creating a transformational learning and lifestyle center to awaken mind, body and spirit.

In 2014 aaa launched a big campaign with The aaa center as the showcase of the new sustainable future. And with publications in magazines, newspapers and books, The aaa center has proven that inner sustainability combined with environmental sustainability is not only possible, it’s beautiful.

Now we’re looking for like-minded partners from the coolest cities around the globe to join our movement for a more conscious lifestyle!


We believe in creating space for individual and collective transformation. Therefore we rent out our venue to some of the biggest companies in the world. We have the honor to raise spiritual and environmental consciousness to the do-ers and decision makers on this planet, encouraging them to aspire to be the best version of themselves possible.

Our unique concept has created a conscious movement of change and we are just getting started!

For franchisees, this means our concept has tremendous value not only as a spiritual center, but also as a highly transferable brand that can easily expand to new revenue streams.


The aaa center is devoted to providing an inspirational environment for transformations of the mind, body, and spirit on the individual and collective level.

From the space itself to the content of our programs, we’ve paid attention to every detail to get the highest quality out there.

As The aaa center, we know what we are doing when it comes to wellness and mindfulness. Enjoy unparalleled access to the best knowledge of sustainability and consciousness the world has to offer.


As we expand across the globe, we’re looking for like-minded franchisees. Our goal is to create lasting partnerships by combining our sustainable & spiritual concept with your knowledge, experience and the desire to develop a aaa center in your region. Together we will achieve shared goals.

What we need from you

Proven entrepreneurial experience

Leadership experience in hospitality

The ability to form a great team

Awareness of local real estate and labour laws

Sociability and a fun attitude to doing business

English speaking (you or someone in your organisation)

Access to capital*

*You must have unrestricted access to a capital sum including the initial investment and the franchise fee. Depending on your market situation, the chosen business model, and the initial condition and size of your venue – the initial investment will range from €50.000 for a small venue, to €150.000 for a big venue

THE aaa center

30m2 and bigger

Less staff required

1 big space + dressing room

THE aaa center + B2B

100m2 and bigger

Skilled kitchen staff & hosts

2 big spaces + cafe + 2 dressing rooms




Royalty Rate: 3% of sales

Marketing Fund Contribution: €995,- fixed monthly fee

Giving Back To Our Planet: 1% of sales



What is The Conscious Club concept?

An unique sustainable concept & brand based on the support for a conscious lifestyle. Providing space for the individual and the collective transformation via 9 pillars; yoga, meditation, breath work, sound journeys, martial arts, dance, story, ceremony and education. Next to an exclusive program, we rent out our sustainable space for events, workshops and meetings. We welcome our guests in our cafe & shop where we serve delicious home-made, organic and vegetarian food.

What is the vision of The Conscious Club?

The Conscious Club is set on becoming the #1 sustainable (inner and outer) brand in the world by opening a chain of sacred city escapes in every cool city that is looking for a conscious lifestyle. We aim to be an ever flowing resource of wisdom and inspiration, empowering people to discover and share their natural gifts.

What is the initial investment (excluding cost of franchise fee)?

Within the range of our current existing business model, the initial investment for the “The Conscious Club” format starts from €50.000. Within the range of our current existing business model, the initial investment for the “The Conscious Club + B2B” format can go up to €250.000

What is the initial franchise fee?


What is the ongoing royalty fee?

7,5% of sales

What is the ongoing system-wide marketing fee?

€995,- fixed monthly fee

What is the ongoing fee for contributing to giving back to the planet and the foundation Building A Better Planet?

1% of sales

What is the minimum level for local marketing & advertising the franchise should budget for and spend in their local market?

1% of sales

What will my sales be? What will be my profit margin? What kind of return on investment may I expect?

After the initial review process and assuming a franchisee candidate meets the initial review criteria, more business and financial information can be shared. Success involves risks and depends upon a franchisee’s ability as an independent businessperson or company. The Conscious Club can give no assurance or warranty as to potential sales or results, and prospective franchisees are encouraged to conduct their own independent study to determine potential sales and profit levels prior to signing any Franchise Agreement.


Will I have an exclusive territory?

The Conscious Club grants an exclusive territory for a minimum number of units and agreed upon on a case-by-case basis.


How long does the franchise assessment proces take?

The initial review process takes 1 to 3 weeks. If a franchisee candidate meets the initial review criteria, a more detailed review will be required, which includes franchisee-support documents, a signed letter of intent, a signed non-disclosure agreement, and franchisor disclosure of relevant franchise information.


What is the term of The Conscious Club franchise agreement?

5 years, renewable provided terms of the agreement are met throughout the first term.


What is my next step?

Simply complete the Franchise Application Form and return it to us. We will review the application and get back to you as soon as possible.

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