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The first level elements of our practice—morning innate rhythm meditation.

Innate rhythm Meditation

This video explains how Innate rhythm meditation plays a major role to shift our thinking to feeling. To perform innate rhythm meditation, it helps to have an understanding of what Yoga mudras are. “They are power points of energy on the surface of our body,” explains Knowles. “These points spin like vortexes, pulling the outer or ‘universal’ energies to our most inner points, to align, balance, and ease the physical, metaphysical and mental systems in and around the body.”

This video guides us on how we should perform this meditation. Innate relaxation can be done prior to this if we feel the need. This should be done at 6.30 a.m. sharp Innate rhythm meditation for fourteen minutes. After this has been performed we will experience a great change. It has been said if we meditate with this feeling, we would cherish the journey within.

 “believe that our bodies contain ‘energy frequencies’ and those sonic frequencies can be used to reattune these energies when they go off-key. All you have to do is lie down and bask in the tuneful beauty of ‘pure’ rhythm”.

Rhythm has been a tool for promoting the physical and emotional health of the body for as long as history can account for it, deeply rooted in ancient cultures and civilizations.

 It’s very intriguing to think that something as simple as rhythm, as music, which we have come to treat as utterly pleasurable entertainment, has not only been used to promote healing and well-being but has proven to work through research as well.

Please Listen Using Headphones.

Innate Rhythm Meditation is a traditional healing system that restores the balance and flow of energy throughout the body, mind, and soul. This technique works directly with the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of well-being. It is used to treat various medical conditions, especially ailments related to mental health.

 It addresses the illness caused due to disturbance of the energy flow in the body. It is believed that when the energy flow gets fixed, the person automatically gets cured.

What are the Health Benefits of Innate Rhythm Meditation?

The way Innate Rhythm Meditation affects you physically is mainly tied to vagal tone, which IRM improves in a two-pronged approach. The first way in which IRM improves vagal tone is that IRM allows you to better steer your emotions. As you learn to use techniques to become aware of your inner world, you begin to be able to affect that inner world. I am innate teach over a hundred different meditation techniques that have existed for millennia, which are designed to affect your inner state.

The emotions that we inhabit have a direct effect on our physical bodies because as the brain transmits an emotion it changes the chemistry in the brain which is transmitted throughout your entire body via your nervous system. There is research that suggests your psychological state has a strong effect on your experience of chronic pain and a variety of other chronic illnesses.

What are the Health Benefits of Innate Rhythm Meditation?

Lowering inflammation

Improvement in chronic pain

Amicability or Decreased Aggression

Reduced Anxiety

A Clearer Mind

An energy boost, or fatigue reduction

Heart Arrhythmia Improvement

Reducing IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

B12 Nutrition

Weight Loss

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